Wherever people are, they all have to eat, and you as a caterer have a task of feeding them. It is the aim of the present training video to ensure that the food you produce, prepare and serve is not only attractive and appetizing but also safe and clean. In fact, the caterer is handling a time bomb which could explode at any moment.

Some people have low standards of personal hygiene and this may eventually have quite serious negative consequences if such people get involved in preparation of the food at any given stage, or serving it. In short, the main idea of the authors of this video film was to demonstrate the importance of hygiene and all other matter directly affecting the quality of the prepared food from the safety and cleanliness point of view.

We all understand how critical it can be for the crew members consuming the food not meeting the applicable standards. Different sorts of diseases and poisoning is obviously not what you would want to happen on board you ship. Where food is concerned, what might seem innocent enough, can be potentially lethal. Use this video as a supplementary material for the training you have on board. Though it is not dealing directly with ships, the main thesis are same everywhere and shall be paid close attention.

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One of the best electrical engineering publications available today. The publication features impressive coverage of all important terminology as well as definitions and acronyms. This is the second edition of the dictionary and the author has made all necessary amendments to the original publication in order to make the dictionary better. His efforts have eventually resulted in a true bestseller reflecting all recent advances in electrical engineering and associated disciplines.

The lexicon of the dictionary includes more that thousand and half additional entries bringing a total number of entries to eleven thousands. The content of the dictionary has been developed n the basis of the invaluable contributions by the world leading experts. ore that a hundred of informative illustrations and data tables accompany the main content. The newly included areas cover the hybrid vehicles and mechatronics, data storage and embedded systems and sensors, process control and related instrumentation etc.

One of the reasons for the revision was to include many of the completely new terms of computer electronics, fuel cells and others. This fully up-to-date reference source embracing the whole electrical engineering and device electronics, digital systems and control/power systems will be equally interesting to the students and practitioners and is therefore recommended to all groups of users.

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The present publication contains a good collection of technical papers which have been presented in the course of the Third MARTECH, i.e. International Conference on Maritime Technology & Engineering held in Lisbon, Portugal in 2016. The content of the volume has been developed on the basis of nearly two hundred professional and respected contributors.

The authors of the documents presented during the conference has focused on such important areas as energy efficiency and maritime transportation of passengers and cargoes, vessels in ports, design and construction of ships, ship hydrodynamics, safety and reliability of the vessels, ship construction and ship repair yard technology, shipboard machinery, safety and reliability of the ships, oil and gas industry, several important aspects of protection of the marine environments, sources of renewable energy and researches in this field, coastal structures and so many other areas.

The book will be useful to the shipping industry professionals including shipbuilders and marine engineers, and other specialists and students having the interest in the fields listed above, and willing to be updated with the latest happenings in the industry.

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This valuable and informative plus interesting title presented today was prepared with the sole purpose to define the fundamental engineering principles relating to environmental reaction, for example design of the reactor, being applicable to the developing of the relevant processes that provide any environmental benefit.

Touching the matters of prevention of the pollution impacting the surrounding environment, the main accent was placed by Martin Abraham and Robert Hesketh - on newly presented technologies minimizing the production of various undesirable side products causing pollution; however, they have also considered the matters of application of the reaction engineering to the treatment of wastes commonly produced by other means.

The opening section of this title mainly concentrates on the environment-friendly combustion, with the three articles addressing the existing methods of reduction of the NOx and PAH formation and it also covers several combustion products sensitive to the environment.

The following section of the book includes a good collection of contributions involving the utilization of catalysts to support the reactions. Then, there section comes dedicated to the use of the fluid solvents. Remaining parts of the book contain numerous interesting documents, dealing with some novel reactor designs. ​

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The main objective of the present publication is to provide the introduction to the various important aspects of the FEM, as applied to the different engineering problems in a systemized manner. The author of the book has made an excellent attempt to give all required technical details of the development of each associated technique as well as of the ideas from the fundamental principles.

The newly introduced concepts have been illustrated using the simple examples where possible. Several computer programs have also been covered together with the examples of their application to enable the students to properly understand the computer implementation, to solve the specific problems, and also to indicate the procedures for developing such programs. The readers who have spent some time with this volume will be able to get the understanding of the current literature of the FEM; in addition, they will also be able to develop some short and simple programs for the solution of the various engineering problems.

The content of the publication is based on the huge practical experience possessed by the author in teaching this course to the students of engineering. The readers are expected to have some basic idea of the matrix theory. The materials contained in the publication will also be found useful by practicing engineers and in fact anyone with the interest in engineering.

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The end stage of the "Cold War" has seriously affected debates concerning the maritime doctrine and strategy as well as the maritime operations and technologies involved. This, in turn, has eventually led to the reconsideration of the theoretical fundamentals and practical side of the maritime power.

The present publication features the content prepared by a group of internationally recognized industry experts, addressing subject topics in a very overarching and systematic manner, and bringing together the results of the joint efforts of the widely renowned scholars in a single volume.

The thorough analysis conducted by the authors is moving on to the exploration of the impact that the changed international environment had on the shipping operations; they have also analyzed how exactly the emerging technological advances are forming this process.

When preparing the material of the book, they have used United Kingdom case study to illustrate the main thesis. The publication concludes with the professional evaluation of how the changes of maritime power influence the western navy fleets. This is an interesting source of information for the persons seriously dealing with the problems covered.

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The nice and interesting publication offered here, was compiled by an excellent team made of truly recognized industry experts working in the field of marine science and has actually been dedicated to the submarine mass movements considered critically important part of the turbidity.

The opening section of the volume explains the basic nature of the submarine mass movements including the triggers and also mechanics, plus major geo-technical properties - among the issues that have been covered within present section there are advanced dynamic testing of the soil, self-organizing maps, submarine slope failure, mass wasting dynamics, micaceous sand, drag forces acting on the suspended pipelines and lines laid on the sea floor, subaqueous deposits, control of the slope destabilization, shear rupture propagation etc.

The second section is mainly focusing on the analysis of the several real-life case studies plus the assessment of hazards involved - it covers such topics as the mass-transport deposit, submarine mass transport, sediment redistribution and mass wasting in particular geographic areas, risk analysis conducted for the submarine mudslides induced by hurricane-wave effect, gas-generated pore pressure, slope instability, morphodynamic instability and numerous specific topics that would otherwise be very difficult to find in any other publication.​

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The subject of structural stability is treated as critically important area. This title is mostly intended to address the fundamental concepts plus the existing problems and established methods of the structural stability with the due qualitative understanding of the phenomena of instability; and the main content of this volume includes theoretical/practical studies of the stability.

The present publication is addressing very recent technical developments in the field of the bifurcation theory, important general aspects of the non-conservative stability, optimization of different mechanical structures under different stability-related constraints, pre-critical and post-critical behavior, sensitivity analysis etc. Wai Fah Chen considers the systems with finite freedom degrees as well as the continuous models, discussing numerous mechanical problems including spatial and planar buckling, anisotropic shells, fluid-conveying pipes and their dynamic stability, bending-torsional flutter, etc.

The methods that have been presented in this work are very constructive and could be easily implemented in relevant computer software. There are numerous informative photo-images included in the content of this book to illustrate the recently conducted practical experiments in dynamic stability of various non-conservative mechanical systems.​

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