The present package of the maritime software consists of several useful and practical programs which have been specifically developed to be used by the marine surveyors as well as ship officers in their day to day activities, providing assistance with the calculations. All programs making this pack are very user-friendly. They will assist in lashing calculations and draft surveys and will also be useful for persons performing route planning.

They are easily operated by means of either mouse of keyboard. Note that the programs have been worked out in compliance with the latest UN EC standards as well as with the Code of Safe Practice for Cargo Stowage and Securing.

The results of the calculations can be printed. Among key features of the Draft Survey program we would note two modes of calculation available and a fact that the required calculation accuracy can be reached by entering only 35 lines of values into the hydrostatic tables of the vessel corresponding to the various conditions.

Each of the other programs can also boast some useful features that allow them to be highly recommended for everyday use on board vessels. The programs are also excellent for training purposes and will be highly valued by the students.

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This mega-cruiser is sailing straight into hot water taking her passengers to encounters they could never imagine. Celebrity Solstice is a floating gateway to the wild world of adventure. This is a floating prove that even on a huge ship it's a small thing that matters. Attention to detail is what sets this mega-cruiser apart... 350 meters long, 1200 GT, sixteen decks high, was the first ship of her class.

She was launched in 2008 and her design was such a success that Celebrity Cruisers built four more giants like her. This is her second summer tour to Australia but she has yet to prove herself as the toughest ship. The glamorous main dining room encompasses two decks; passengers have the choice of nine other restaurants and cafes as well as fifteen bars, a disco and a casino. She even boasts a lawn with real grass. Captain of Celebrity Solstice commands the crew of 255 people and has been in charge of the ship for just four months.

She is docked in Fremantle, on Australia's west coast. Celebrity Solstice has been here only once before and this is just a second time she will embark on a voyage ahead. From Fremantle, she will head to the west coast to Port Hedland, then to Indonesia for a visit to Bali, she will return to western Australia with a stop in Darwin, then travel 2800 kilometers to Airlie Beach, Brisbane, Newcastle and finally Brisbane...

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The marine oil spills can result in very serious damage to the fishery as well as to the various mariculture resources - this is commonly caused by the physical contamination and also different toxic effects; another negative consequence of the oil spills is disruption of the business activities. The extent of the oil spills and their impact on production of the seafood mainly depends on the oil characteristics as well as on the circumstances of the particular incidents and many other factors.

The present technical paper will be describing the effects of the oil pollution from ships providing required guidance on the management strategies and effective spill response measures which may be helpful in reducing the overall severity of the impacts. We know that the mariculture and fishing are considered important industries and they can be affected by the spills in numerous different ways.

For example the plants and animals that are exploited on a commercial basis may get harmed as a result of smothering. Another consequence is contamination of the seafood. Among the chemical and physical characteristics of the oil we would particularly focus on density and viscosity as well as its chemical composition...

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The author of this interesting volume draws on both literary and archaeological evidence when performing his examination of the significant role played by the boat in Egyptian belief, ritual and in everyday life. The content of the book will interest both historians and naval enthusiasts. The text has been illustrated with numerous detailed and informative photographs of boat models as well as many paintings together with the line drawings of the boats.

The author has also provided description of the boat building process which used to be there in ancient Egypt on the basis of the boat models that were found in the tombs; he has also used some remains of the boats found during archaeological digs. There is also a good glossary of the terminology included in the book for easy reference. In fact one chapter of the volume is devoted solely to the sources of evidence used.

The section dealing with the boat building addresses the woodworking techniques commonly used at those times, harbors and boat construction yards, and all other aspects. Particular attention has been paid by the author to the boats in ritual and belief, and to ancient Egyptian boats from Old, Middle and New Kingdom, etc.

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The present publication contains a good collection of technical papers which have been presented in the course of the Third MARTECH, i.e. International Conference on Maritime Technology & Engineering held in Lisbon, Portugal in 2016. The content of the volume has been developed on the basis of nearly two hundred professional and respected contributors.

The authors of the documents presented during the conference has focused on such important areas as energy efficiency and maritime transportation of passengers and cargoes, vessels in ports, design and construction of ships, ship hydrodynamics, safety and reliability of the vessels, ship construction and ship repair yard technology, shipboard machinery, safety and reliability of the ships, oil and gas industry, several important aspects of protection of the marine environments, sources of renewable energy and researches in this field, coastal structures and so many other areas.

The book will be useful to the shipping industry professionals including shipbuilders and marine engineers, and other specialists and students having the interest in the fields listed above, and willing to be updated with the latest happenings in the industry.

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This is the latest edition of the Maritime Directory of Shipping Services released by Lloyd's List. The content of the volume incorporates services provided by the leading companies in the world shipping industry working in different fields, such as bunker services, ship agents and ship chandlers, ship registries and classification societies, marine surveyors and consultants, port state authorities, ship construction and ship repair yards, solicitors, lawyers and other service providers.

Note that this book will also give users all necessary information about stevedores, companies providing dredging services, towage and salvage, ship managers and marine insurers. One separate section of the publication has been specifically devoted to the organizations providing marine training services. The publication will definitely present practical interest and use for the people in the shipping industry who will get a chance to find all information they require. That is why we recommend this volume to all those in need of the information and data to perform their services. Though the publication is quite compact, its content is very comprehensive, covering many areas.

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The latest edition of the major IMO convention dealing with the prevention of marine pollution concerned with the protection on the marine environment. The main technical content of the present convention has been arranged in six big Annexes. Note that the five of them, i.e. Annexes from I (oil pollution prevention) to V (garbage pollution prevention) were adopted by MARPOL 1973 as further modified by a 1978 Protocol. The last sixth Annex was adopted by a Protocol which followed in 1997 covering the air pollution prevention.

In general, all annexes together cover the prevention of pollution of marine environment by oil, by NLS, standing for the noxious liquid substances carried in bulk, by harmful substances carried in packaged form, by sewage and garbage from ships, and air pollution. Needless to say that this is one of the most important publications to be carried on board any vessel to which present convention applies.

It is a must-have document for the port state control officers and marine surveyors checking the vessel for compliance with the requirements of convention, for the crew members responsible for keeping the vessel compliance, and for the ship designers and builders who shall have clear understanding of the convention in order to design a vessel that would meet all applicable requirements.

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   The very latest consolidated edition of the most important IMO Convention. The main purpose of the Convention is, traditionally, to provide the maritime industry with a broad range of measures that have been specifically designed with the intention to improve the safety of human life at sea. Note that the SOLAS Convention is also the oldest one, with its initial released officially adopted more than a century ago, namely in 1914, following the famous tragedy - the sinking of the Titanic resulting in the loss of more than 1500 human lives.

   Since that time, the Convention has been re-issued four times in order to be in line with the technological developments happening in the shipping industry. The present volume contains the consolidated text of the Convention and it was prepared to provide readers with an easy and user-friendly reference to all requirements of this Convention that become applicable since July 2014. All amendments to the requirements that are in effect from July 2014 have also been covered in this volume.

   Again, there are twelve main chapters in the publication providing the general technical provisions, addressing the structure of the ship, it's subdivision and stability issues, machinery and shipboard electrical installations, fire protection, prevention and firefighting systems, equipment and arrangements, LSA, radio and navigation equipment, transportation of various types of cargoes including dangerous cargo, nuclear ships, safety management, certificates issues to the ships fully complying with the applicable requirements of the Convention, relevant documentation, list of the IMO resolutions and a wealth of other valuable regulatory information.

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