The latest release of the official GMDSS Manual. The present publication is published with the intention to provide, in a single and comprehensive volume, a thorough explanation of the principles upon which the GMDSS bases as well as to describe the radio-communication requirements together with the recommendations for implementation of the system, relevant operational performance standards supplemented by the technical specifications that shall be met by the GMDSS related equipment.

The document also covers the methods and procedures for the operation of the radio services forming the GMDSS. The Master Plan for the system has also been addressed. This edition of the Manual is fully updated. The content of the publication includes description of the technical concepts and history of development of the GMDSS, valuable excerpts taken from the relevant regulations of SOLAS convention, supporting regulatory documents such as circulars and resolutions related to the GMDSS.

In addition, there are ITU recommendations providing required technical details, the NAVTEX Manual, and many other information considered important and relevant enough for inclusion - in fact everything you need to be able to understand and use the GMDSS. The volume shall be used by the vessel personnel, shore supporting persons, regulatory bodies, administrations and all others engaged in ship communication in any way.

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And here is the closing part of the world popular and respected training series devoted to the entry into enclosed spaces. This part is dealing with the correct use of breathing apparatus and is supplemented with this training video. The content of the publication has been arranged in seven sections.

While the first section gives some overview of the breathing apparatus commonly used on board vessels and offshore installations, the second section provides necessary instruction on their examination and assembly, and this has to be conducted on the regular basis to ensure that the equipment is fit for service and ready for immediate use.

The other sections of the volume are dealing with the bench testing and proper donning the breathing apparatus set, followed by the familiarization and practice information, and instructions to conducting training and drills. The closing section lists the resources. Assessment questions and answers included. Note that all other parts of the training series are also available and cover the Awareness, Preparation and Procedures, Equipment, and Enclosed Space Entry itself and finally Emergency Procedures and Rescue. We recommend you to download the whole set and go through it very carefully.

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The last part of the training series, and this one is devoted to the correct use of the BA, standing for the breathing apparatus, in the course of the emergency and rescue operations. In our job, we get plenty of fresh air and the air contains oxygen meaning to stay alive, but just how much air do we need? It depends on the body's energy requirements. During rest, we may only use sixteen to twenty liters a minute.

But, if you are wearing breathing apparatus, in an emergency this can rise to forty liters of fresh air peach minute due to the raised stress level of the wearer. If extra-heavy work is performed at the same time, fifty to sixty liters of air may be consumed. But why? When physical effort is required, the body needs more oxygen. Fresh air contains twenty-one per cent oxygen; this will never change.

So, the only way of getting more oxygen is to increase breathing rate... Check the accompanying training booklet on the correct use of BA and, of course, feel free to download and go through the content of all previously released training videos belonging to the Entry Into Enclosed Spaces series and covering the Awareness, Preparation and Procedures, Equipment, Enclosed Space Entry itself and Emergency Procedures and Rescue.

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This thirteenth technical information paper issued by the ITOPF is dealing with the effects that the oil pollution has on the marine environment. The spills affect the marine environment in a very serious way, this combines the toxic effects and physical smothering. And the severity of their compact commonly depends on both type of the spilt oil and its quantity as well as of the ambient conditions.

Moreover, we have to take into account the sensitivity of the organisms and their habitats affected by the spills. This document was released to describe all the effects f the vessel-source marine oil spills and of the subsequent clean-up activities on the marine flora/fauna. The authors have paid particular attention to the discussion on the complex interactions between the bio-systems and the oil.

The marine oil spills are often referred to by the media as the environmental disasters having extremely negative consequences for the flora and fauna of the sea. The impacts of the spills have been seriously and closely studies by the scientists and the results of the studies are now presented in the numerous technical and scientific publications available today. It means that now we understand all consequences of the oil pollution and the duration and scale of the damage involved...

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This is another classic publication on marine navigation. The book was first published in early twentieth century, namely back in 1902, and today it is deservedly treated as a very valuable historical work. The present book is intended to be used exclusively by the sailors and its content was compiled on the basis of the author's experience of sailing and ship navigation.

One of the recognized navigation experts of his times, the author managed to collect all information on the ship navigation, process it and present in a form of the textbook providing readily available instructions and tips. The volume is covering absolutely all areas and this makes it very useful and practical even to the navigators and students of today.

Of course, one shall understand the difference in the techniques and especially navigational equipment and systems available at those times and today, but we do understand that theoretical fundamentals of ship navigation have not significantly changed since then. The text part of the treatise is accompanied with the numerous data diagrams and tables. An absolutely recommended and must-have publication for every professional and future ship navigator.

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Another set of Significant Ships and Significant Small Craft magazines, the tenth edition since 1990. This one lists the most interesting ships and small crafts of the year 1999.

The ships covered in this release are Abdul Kalam Azad crude oil carrier, Black Marlin semi-submersible heavy-lift ship, Cala Pula container feeder, Crystal Lily new design bulker, Elbwolf container vessel, Isola Gialla chemical tankers, CEC Atlas cargo vessel, Hanjin Muscat LNG tanker, Knock Sallie shuttle tanker, Europa luxury cruise ship, L'Audage vehicle ferry, two Mistral named ships, one being cruise ship and second aa product carrier, Marigola LPG tanker, River Queen river cruiser, MRS Sonja short-sea trader, Margara Panamax-size products tanker, Makiri Green tweendecker, Silver River tanker, Stella Polaris bitumen tanker, Rasmanian Achiever ro-ro ship, Okha covertible tanker/FSO, and many others. 

In turn, the second volume provides the technical information, specifications and images for such small crafts as Africa trawler, Atlantide yacht, Bonanza Express car ferry, Geco Eagle seismic vessel, Humber Callisto pilot boat, Midnight Arrow OSV, Nanuq and Tan'eriq tanker escorts, Rivage St. Martin cruiser and other projects all delivered in 1999.

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Wherever people are, they all have to eat, and you as a caterer have a task of feeding them. It is the aim of the present training video to ensure that the food you produce, prepare and serve is not only attractive and appetizing but also safe and clean. In fact, the caterer is handling a time bomb which could explode at any moment.

Some people have low standards of personal hygiene and this may eventually have quite serious negative consequences if such people get involved in preparation of the food at any given stage, or serving it. In short, the main idea of the authors of this video film was to demonstrate the importance of hygiene and all other matter directly affecting the quality of the prepared food from the safety and cleanliness point of view.

We all understand how critical it can be for the crew members consuming the food not meeting the applicable standards. Different sorts of diseases and poisoning is obviously not what you would want to happen on board you ship. Where food is concerned, what might seem innocent enough, can be potentially lethal. Use this video as a supplementary material for the training you have on board. Though it is not dealing directly with ships, the main thesis are same everywhere and shall be paid close attention.

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One of the best electrical engineering publications available today. The publication features impressive coverage of all important terminology as well as definitions and acronyms. This is the second edition of the dictionary and the author has made all necessary amendments to the original publication in order to make the dictionary better. His efforts have eventually resulted in a true bestseller reflecting all recent advances in electrical engineering and associated disciplines.

The lexicon of the dictionary includes more that thousand and half additional entries bringing a total number of entries to eleven thousands. The content of the dictionary has been developed n the basis of the invaluable contributions by the world leading experts. ore that a hundred of informative illustrations and data tables accompany the main content. The newly included areas cover the hybrid vehicles and mechatronics, data storage and embedded systems and sensors, process control and related instrumentation etc.

One of the reasons for the revision was to include many of the completely new terms of computer electronics, fuel cells and others. This fully up-to-date reference source embracing the whole electrical engineering and device electronics, digital systems and control/power systems will be equally interesting to the students and practitioners and is therefore recommended to all groups of users.

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