The official manual for the Port Revel Shiphandler course. The volume opens with the introduction acquainting trainees with the training centre, telling how and where the training is provided and what results can be expected. The Port Revel is situated on a human-made lake remodeled to reproduce real conditions of sailing.

At scale, the available water area is representing a navigable zone of approximately three by two nm; this allows several sailing modes at the same time, with the normal maneuvering speed. The fleet of the training centre consists of nine vessels. While seven of the ships are models of either bulk carriers or oil tankers, the eighth one is a replica of the LNG carrier "Ben Franklin".

Finally, the last ninth model is a replica of the "CGM-Normandie" post panamax container vessel featuring carrying capacity of 4400 TEU. All of the above listed vessels except Normandie have diesel motor and steam turbine. Taking into account that the Normandie can actually be controlled from her front deck (like car carriers and cruise ships), it means that the available fleet reproduces twenty different ships. The models have all been fitted with the conventional features that would be normally found on board any real vessel.

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In the last sixty years there have been enormous changes in the maritime industry, all merchant ships that ever sailed the oceans feeding the market of the growing global economy. However, the rights of the seafarers have failed to keep up with this changing industry coming entangled with the mess of complex legislation and rules until now.

The 26 February 2006 is a very important date for the international legislation - this is the date when the MLC, standing for the Maritime Labour Convention, was put in place by the International Labour Organization.

Subject convention was largely initiated by the maritime industry itself. The convention is supported by the industry and governments, and is being ratified by the increasing number of countries. The MLC replaces the often confusing tangle of forty conventions and twenty-nine recommendations that had accumulated over time with the clear, simple and practical framework.

Everyone working in and associated with the maritime industry, from the ratings to the government ministers will benefit from it. This will effectively change the way we operate in this dynamic industry. Watch this video and get familiarized with the basics of the convention.

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A perfect volume telling readers about the exceptionally successful leadership. The author of the book has written it in a very comprehensive and focused way trying to capture the fundamental importance of every single line. The book has been very well met by the seafarers who noted the temperament and persistence of the author, and found the content so enjoyable.

Most of the readers have recommended this book to every ship officer. In fact the leadership is very important in any sort of occupation. However in seafaring it can mean the difference between life and death. Unlike so many other publications released in connection with the leadership, this book by Captain Parani is written by person who really knows the ropes. Moreover, and what is maybe even more important, this person has a genuine spirit of a leader.

Even though merchant ships of today carry ninety percent of the whole world's trade, the mariners running them have little to no guidance on leadership, and this can eventually result in catastrophes, as it was with Titanic. With modern technically sophisticated vessels costing dozens of millions, seamen require leadership advice throughout their career, and this is what is offered in this volume...

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The content of the present document was developed by the recognized industry experts to provide required guidance related to the regulatory and legislative tools that commonly affect activities and processes in connection with the freight transportation logistics. The guide has been arranged in general format.

The full title of the eLOGMAR-M project is mobile and we based solutions for the collaborative working environment together with the maritime and logistics applications. The findings addressed in this report are considered affecting all international intermodal and multimodal supply chains.

The list of contributors includes experts from different countries. While the first chapter provides brief introduction into the topics, the second one explains the background of this study. The third and fourth chapters discuss the international conventions relating to the transport.

In the fifth chapter the administrative and legal barriers are identified; it also contains summary of the information requirements governing the transportation and logistics including the demands of the marine ports and container terminals. The closing chapters of the document contain conclusions and bibliography.

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There is more than a century history of oil production in the Gulf of Mexico. Subject area has been treated as a primary source of oil and gas for America, generating as much as ninety-seven percent of all offshore hydrocarbons production. The release of the present document is an attempt to highlight the offshore oil and gas production activities in the deepwater GOM.

The publication was prepared by the Office of resource Evaluation in the Gulf of Mexico to present the seismic, leasing, geologic, well, reserves and of course production information addressing the deepwater portion of the Gulf. There are numerous criteria commonly used when defining deepwater. The threshold that separate deepwater and shallow water ranges from 200 to 457 meters. Within the content of this document deepwater is defined as the water depth exceeding 305 meters, or one thousand feet.

Most of the information contained in the ages of this report gas been collected from the data available by the end 2014. The crude oil is reported together with the condensate, same applies to the non-associated and associated gas. The report is very informative and will be useful to the people with professional interest in the offshore exploration an production of hydrocarbons.

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Production Planning and Control

Scheduling methods used in shipbuilding are unique to each yard and generally reflect practices developed from experience. An overall schedule which is most useful to both management and production departments is one which highlights major tasks and events, and which shows the sequence of work and the relation of the various tasks to each other and to the whole project.

The basic principle in network flow is the task-to-task relationship. That is, task С cannot start until its two prerequisite tasks A and В are completed. There is, of course, the usual task-to-time relationship for each task. These principles have always been employed in one form or another throughout industry, but the computer has now made it possible to utilize to the fullest these principles in network form.

Network Flow Scheduling technique is often used for controlling large, complex, and possibly non-repetitive projects. Examples of the technique are PERT (Program Evaluation and Review Technique) and CPM (Critical Path Method), both of which provide a means of representing graphically the different operations that make up a project. These networks can be revised to show the effects of adjustments to a schedule necessitated by changes in design, delays, etc. It is also possible to treat the network statistically in order to obtain an idea of the probable longest and shortest times for completion of a project.

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The 2003 release of the Significant Ships. That year was marked by delivery of such interesting vessels as Alnoman, Bianca Amoretti tankers, Amaranta, BG Ireland, Manukai container ships, Arklow River cargo ship, Berge Everett and Inigo Tapias LNG tankers, Bitflower and Bow Sun chemical tankers, Capricorn Star VLCC, Coasta Fortuna cruise ship, Cinnamon Lakesize tanker, Grande Nigeria flexible ro-ro freighter, Courageous Ace energy saving car transporter, Lobo Marinho and Norrona ferry links, Franceso Di Giorgio suction hopper dredger, Nevskiy Prospect ice strengthened Aframax tanker, Queen Mary 2 passenger liner, FPSO Searose, Nordic Stavanger Suezmax shuttle tanker, and so many others featuring remarkable and innovative designs.

The second book of the set is devoted to the smaller ships such as the Aora and Celtic Explorer research ships, Bocayna Express fast ferry, OSV C-Leader, Farset of Belfast and Nipper workboats, EGE-5 tug boat, Red Jet 4 passenger ferry, Viking Energy supply ship fuelled by gas, Swift high speed vessel built for the American Navy fleet, OSV Sarah Pearl and others. As usual, the book provide technical details, descriptions and images of the vessels.

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The present standard was released by DNV GL to provide requirements for certification/verification of the lifting appliances that are intended for handling loads outside ships at sea and on board ships and offshore installations. The document is covering the design and materials, fabrication and installation, testing and commissioning of the offshore and platform lifting gear.

The book starts with the general information on the lifting appliances and their categorization, followed by the section addressing documentation and certification of cranes. The structural design and strength issues have been dealt with in a separate section.

The main part of the document covers safety matters and equipment, offshore and platform cranes, subsea operations, lifting of personnel, LARS, i.e. launch and recovery systems for ROV and diving, testing requirements and other information.

There are several appendices providing additional information, such as marking of the single sheave crane blocks, instruction on the examination of the skids and pad eyes, wind loads to be considered, verification guidelines for safety functions, lifting gear register form, certificate forms etc.

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