One more useful publication for all navigators. The book starts with the general info about maritime communications and then we proceed to the proper conduct of the maritime radio conversations. The next chapter addresses the established distress/urgency/safety procedures to be strictly followed, while the following one has been solely devoted to the SAR, standing for the search-and-rescue operations.

The rest of the content is covering the routine voice communications, digital selective calling and DSC operational procedures for the vessels, universal AIS transponders, MMSI, IAMSAR manual of communications, COMSAR/CIRC/21, ship reporting systems, GMDSS and may other relevant information.

There is also a concise glossary of terms and abbreviations used within this document and during maritime communications in general. make sure you have a copy of this relatively compact but so practical publication on board your ship and make it accessible for easy and ready reference of the crew members.

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The content of this perfect publication was prepared by Daniel J. Benny, Ph. D., who has declared the ultimate purpose to provide the readers with a thorough and comprehensive overview of the protection of the maritime community as well as of the established effective methods that shall be used to safeguard people, marine vessels, watercrafts, marinas, and ports from numerous threats.

Note that this book is not intended to provide a full coverage of the security issues related to the maritime supply chain. The security level varies based on ships/maritime property and threat assessments. That is the reason why so wide range of security policies and a blend of the procedures and methods of physical security are examined.

The book shall not be treated as just representation of facts and the reporting on the various methods of maritime community protection; it rather contains the professional opinions and recommendations from the author on such methods... in short, we are recommending this volume to the people engaged in the protection of the maritime ports, vessels of all sized, and other facilities - they will definitely find this title useful.

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This software will allow user to find out the real-time position of the vessels based on the AIS (automatic identification system). You may track more than 35000 vessels every day on the Google interactive map. The application provides the global coverage of ships 350+ ports and sea areas.

What you can see includes the ship details, photographs, tracking, ports of arrival and departure. The users of the application will be able to maintain their own list of ships. In fact, there is no need to introduce this app since it is one of the most popular ones in the maritime world. Just download, install and feel free use and start tracking your vessels.

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In the past couple of decades the concept of "maritime", as opposed to "sea" or "naval", power has emerged within the maritime literature to describe the multidimensional and much more complex relationship existing there between states and the seas, oceans and rivers in the XXI century.

Maritime power, which can be defined as the ability of a government to achieve the declared political goals or a desired effect using the maritime domain, provides an important means to protect and further advance the national interests. The main purpose of the present volume was to provide a contribution to the ongoing debates on the topic of the measurement/assessment of a state's maritime power.

In fact, the ability to use the maritime domain enables the state authorities to perform a wider array of the relevant maritime tasks/functions which would commonly include the traditional maritime roles, for example war-fighting and maritime diplomacy, and their ability to perform various non-military roles, i.e. preserving maritime and environmental resources, protecting the maritime borders etc. Maritime power is therefore an important tool of statecraft and is the focus of this book...

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This perfectly arranged guidebook was written to provide the readers with the reference source covering the design calculations of the offshore platforms, which are the main marine structures in the offshore oil-and-gas industry, with the particular attention paid to all critical issues which the designers usually face.

It also provides readers with the descriptions of the simple design instruments based on the popular international codes by ISO, API plus other commonly applied standards and practices used in marine structure design. Coordination among the different engineering disciplines and managing the engineering phase are also discussed in the book.

A separate chapter of the book has been devoted to the modeling by means of the PDMS and SACS software. The content includes more than three hundred of representative calculations related to the marine design and structural analysis.

The real life case studies and worked examples age given providing some additional information and supplementing the main text. Numerous practically useful checklists, tables and design schemes have also been provided for easy reference.

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Everyone knows that the maritime piracy is the oldest and classic the international crime; in the frames of the international law the pirates are commonly and deservedly treated as the "enemies of mankind". Though it was prevalent in the period between and including XVII and XVIII centuries, regretfully maritime piracy has not completely gone away.

Nowadays, the maritime piracy mainly affects the waters off West and East Africa and Southeast Asia, but it can and does strike worldwide at any time. It is considered a very serious threat to the international maritime shipping, imposing highest financial costs together with the costs of welfare and even human life. Over the past ten years three thousand or more actual and attempted pirate attacks were reported, and the annual costs were estimated somewhere between six and seven billion dollars.

This amount is actually down from as much as sixteen billion just a few years ago—due in large part, we believe, to the increasing use of on-board armed guards. Still, the problem remains a significant one that has bedeviled international efforts at enforcing anti-piracy laws. The purpose of this monograph is to use economic methods both to describe the nature of maritime piracy and to understand the difficulties involved in organizing optimal enforcement efforts...

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This publication edited by Mae L. Selo from Mechanical Engineering Dept of the Dalhousie University, is intended to provide a good update to selected underwater autonomy areas and is mainly aimed to the engineers and researchers both new to the field of marine robot autonomy as well as to experienced specialists.

The content also includes some historical overview of the development of the marine robots and general introduction to this rapidly expanding field, together with the professional discussion of the modern challenges and the impact they have on the required level of the intelligent autonomy.

The topics covered within this publication examine such the important aspects of the marine robotics as the path planning and advanced frameworks, as well as the machine learning and tolerance of the automatics faults. An excellent and quite rare volume for those seriously interested in this technically advanced field of marine, or better to say, underwater engineering.

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This relatively compact but very useful software is very user-friendly and specifically designed to be used when performing draft surveys, passage panning and conducting the lashing calculations intended to help Ships' Officers as well as Marine Surveyors.

The program Mariners Office is easy to operate using either computer mouse or keyboard and complies with all recently released United Nations ECE standards and Maritime Safety Committee 2013 edition of the "Code of Safe Practice for Cargo Stowage and Securing" applicable to the draught surveying.

Note that the results obtained during the calculations can easily be printed to virtually all standard printer types so that you have a hard copy. An excellent application which we would recommend you to have readily available in case you intend to plan your future passage, perform the draft survey or calculations associated with the lashing.

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