This book is for everyone, taking into account the amount of useful explanations and other information it provides to the readers. Its author did his best to collect about eight thousand of marine terms and words in a single volume - note that, since some of the terms may have more than one (sometimes up to five) definition, the total number of entries reaches 8600.

The terminology contained in this dictionary refers to such important nautical aspects as seamanship techniques and navigation, marine engineering, astronomy and meteorology, naval architecture, marine science, maritime economics, insurance matters, cargo handling, and others. In addition to that, the author made every attempt to get the scope of the publication extended through various subjects that may not be directly fall under nautical works but shall still be considered helpful to the mariners.

The dictionary has immediately become very popular among maritime industry professionals because it covers the whole vessel from keel to truck and from stern walk to the bowsprit. We would definitely recommend this publication to everyone wishing to get more familiar with the terminology used in the various fields of marine industry. And, of course, it is the must-have to every professional.

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The present film is one of the training videos forming a world famous and popular Videotel course. The proper safety training is considered a critically important aspect of every seaman's life. The safety of people working on board seriously relies upon each person following the recognized safety codes and regulations. That is why it is very important to hold the drills, including fire drills, muster drills and survival craft drills on a regular basis and in an effective way. In case of an emergency, the lives of the people on board will directly depend upon their knowledge of the safety procedures and following them.

Reports submitted by the various port state authorities are showing that huge number of vessels that enter their waters are actually not able to effectively carry out all above mentioned drills. The drills are either too relaxed or too long, they are sometimes not done safely and are not taken seriously by the crew members; in some cases, the equipment is poorly maintained. The drills shall be treated as a very serious matter.

Each emergency case is unique and during the emergency situation several different incidents may potentially arise. There can be fire on board and the fires can be of different types requiring different treatment. Launching the lifeboats and rescue boats, in turn, requires particular attention and special approach...

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This book has been prepared by Brian Nesbitt, the recognized expert in the field and a very experienced engineer. As a result of his efforts, the publication contains valuable technical information on nearly all aspects of pump technology, including the pump classification principles, materials that the pumps are usually made of, seals, installation of the pumps, their commissioning after installation and their periodic maintenance. In addition to the information covering the areas listed above, the readers will find some essential info related to the nits, makers and suppliers all over the world - it means that you will have a unique reference source for your desk, shop or library.

The descriptions of the maintenance techniques included in the book will help the readers in getting optimal performance of the pumps and in reducing the associated running and maintenance costs, and also in understanding the principle of work of the seals and couplings, as well as all other ancillary equipment in order to ensure that the systems are correctly set-up; the book also provides some useful contact details for the makers and suppliers specializing in pumping arrangements and ancillary equipment. This is a really useful publication for the personnel dealing with installation, operation, maintenance and repair of the pumps.

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Please have a look in the publication offered here - the GMDSS Manual is intended to provide, in a single volume, a truly comprehensive explanation of all fundamental principles upon which the whole GMDSS system is based, together with the requirements that normally apply to the radio communications as well as relevant technical recommendations for the implementation and the standards for the operational performance of the associated equipment, it's required technical specifications, established procedures to follow etc.

The book features a remarkably detailed description of the concepts of GMDSS systems and their development, addressing also the system components, requirements for the carriage, supporting IMO resolutions plus other regulatory documentation; in addition to that, this document contains all relevant excerpts from SOLAS, ITU-R recommendations and relevant performance standards that have been developed by the IMO, NAVTEX and SafetyNET manuals, GMDSS Master Plan and wealth of other valuable information.

The publication has been released to be used by ship masters and personnel involved in radio communications, shore personnel, operators and trainers, marine authorities and regulators and in fact anyone interested. Note that this is the official 2015 edition of the Manual; please also note that the document shall not be treated as a substitution for the ITU Manual or any other mandatory publication...

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According to the official statistics, the greater part of cargo voyages ends successfully, but research by UK P&I Club reveals that, unfortunately, an increasing number do not. Across the industry, cargo loss or damage accounts for one out of four major insurance payouts. The gas is the world's favorite fuel, and keeping up with demand requires more and more ships, and more and more crews.

So, how will gas shipping meet the challenge of change? This official video release prepared by the UK P&I Club sheds some light on the most important aspects of transporting the gas cargo by sea. The authors are mainly focusing on the most frequently happening gas cargo claims and their causes; they are trying to find out how to avoid them. As it is the case with any other publication from this team, the video has the ultimate aim to increase the awareness of the people related to the causes of the common P&I claims for the damage and loss of transported cargo.

That is why we would consider these publications, and Gas Cargo Claims, in particular, the useful training material for all students and professionals, including ship owners, crew members and everyone involved in marine transportation of gas.

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The FSS Code has been officially adopted by the MSC at it's 73rd session in December 2000 with the aim to provide the maritime industry with the international technical standards relating to the fire safety systems and associated equipment that are required by SOLAS.

The present Code is mandatory under the amendments to SOLAS. The volume contains the required engineering specifications relating to the fire safety arrangements and all equipment concerning the fixed gas-, water-spraying, foam and water mist fire extinguishing systems on ships, sample extraction smoke detection systems on tankers, portable powder, gas and other fire extinguishers of all sizes, PPE, i.e. personal protection equipment, international shore connection, inert gas systems, automatic sprinkler systems, low-location lighting systems, fire detectors, fixed alarm systems, main and emergency fire pumps, means of escape, deck foam systems, fixed hydrocarbons gas detection systems etc.

In addition, the present edition of the FSS Code includes all relevant resolutions of the IMO and also all circulars. The publication is there in the list of mandatory papers that shall be carried on board any ships falling under SOLAS. All information that has been included in the book will be very useful for any crew member dealing with the operation of the above listed equipment or its maintenance.

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Well, this one is a rarity - the purely classic universal dictionary of the maritime terminology which is a thorough explanation of the various technical phrases/terms usually employed in the fields of construction, machinery, equipment, movements, military, and naval operations of marine vessels, together with such parts of navigation and astronomy science, as will be considered very useful to practical navigators.

The subject book is illustrated with a variety of contemporary designs in shipping, supplemented with separate views of the sails, masts, rigging, etc. In fact, this vocabulary of french sea phrases was collected from the very best authorities, and it was originally compiled by William Falconer, who is the author of the famous "Shipwreck", now much enlarged and modernized by William Burney.

This comprehensive marine terminology dictionary was first released more than two centuries ago, in 1813, and was initially designed as a reference source to be used by ship navigators, naval architects and shipbuilders. Nearly eight hundred pages provide valuable technical data related to the ship construction, ship navigation, legal and historical info, weaponry etc., supplemented with the informative illustrations and tables providing additional data.

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The UKDC publication dated November 2014 and giving the clear answers to the most important and frequently answers about the OW bunkers, e.g. what OW entities are actually affected, whether they could act as physical suppliers/intermediaries or not, what approach should ship owners apply when facing a threat of arrest by the physical supplier, what conditions/terms shall be applied to the contracts with OW, and some other questions of critical importance. The content of this compact yet practical and informative booklet will be appreciated by anyone involved in the shipping business.

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