The main declared objective of the present training program was to demonstrate to the trainees the use of the shipboard emergency plan. This plan is also referred to as a contingency plan. The training starts with the rationale for the ship's emergency/contingency and then proceeds to the definition of what shall be contained in the plan; it also defines the essential stages in responding to the emergencies occurring at sea.

The developers of the training module tried to emphasize that is absolutely mandatory for all ship officers to have good and clear understanding of the emergency or contingency plan of their vessel. And getting deep understanding of the plan can obviously be achieved only through very good and thorough training supplemented with regularly conducted practical exercising of the content.

Particular attention has been paid in the program to the interaction between the master of the ship and the emergency party as well as between the ship, office and relevant coastal authorities. The training is recommended to all ship officers taking into account that the people who have gone through its content carefully will get some basic understanding of all important aspects; that is why this video may be used as part of their training.

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The present publication was released to supplement The Nautical Almanac 2018. The content of the document was developed by the TNA Office of the U.S. Naval Observatory working jointly with the UKHO specialists. It will provide navigators with additional information required for safe navigation. The material is arranged thirteen chapters.

The first chapter is covering such phenomena as eclipses, Moon phases and seasons, helio- and geocentric planetary phenomena, perigee and occultations, together with the apogee of the Moon etc. In this chapter the authors are also dealing with the visibility of the Planets, configuration diaries an other relevant matters.

The other chapters of the document address the international time zones and eclipses, moonset and moonrise tables, mean sidereal time and circumpolar stars. They also provide explanation of setting and rising tables, Gregorian calendar, perihelion passages of the comets, magnitudes and elongations of the Planets and other information. As it was a case with the Nautical Almanac, this publication will be useful to the people when it is used as a supplementary tool for their training or daily working activities.

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The present official publication was prepared and released to serve as a good companion to the industry FAQ document on the subject of verification of the gross mass of the packed containers transported on board ships, and expands the content of the original publication. It was developed on the basis of the joint efforts of the leading industry experts representing different organizations such as the WSC, standing for the World Shipping Council, Global Shippers Forum, TT Club and others.

There are three major sections making the main body of the document. The section A is covering the requirement for the accurate gross mass, application of the enforcement tolerance threshold to the determination of compliance with relevant requirements of SOLAS convention, i.e. the content of the industry FAQs A6, A9, A10 and A12. The section B addresses the industry FAQs nos. B1, B3, B4 including list of the wieghbridges available publically, verified weighers and container handling equipment accuracy.

The section C is devoted to the Method 2 implemented by UK MCA. Three appendices at the end of the document cover testing and examination of the AWI, i.e. automated weighing instruments used for the verification of the gross mass, weighbridges and requirements to the weighing equipment.

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This Nautical Almanac presents compilation of information generated by the software developed by the author, Enno Rodegerdts. A great number of tables produced by the program will serve as valuable instrument for the navigator. The accuracy of the data contained in these tables has been numerously checked and confirmed; however, it cannot be fully guaranteed so you would better use them as a supplementary tool.

The information contained in the Almanac includes yearly calendar and useful links to time signals, Bowditch - The American Practical Navigator, The Terrestrial Almanac, individual latitudes, and sight reduction forms and methods. Then we have couple of pages of useful formulas for determining Hc and Z using calculator, for calculating latitude using the Sun and others. After that and before proceeding to the main content of the Almanac, several pages of the book are devoted to the explanation of the information, Moon phases and conversion of Arc to Time.

We strongly recommend students of marine navigation to download this Almanac and use it as a training tool. The information carefully arranged by the author will definitely help them in their activities and also will be useful on board ships and boats when used as the additional navigational publication.

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Another release of the Significant Ships and Significant Small Ships. The present pack will cover the ships delivered in 2011. That year was challenging for the maritime shipping industry and shipbuilding in particular. However, some new technologies were introduced and many shipyards started to implement them.

It saw the completion and delivery of the world's largest bulk carrier Valemax, Algoma Mariner laker ordered by the Algoma Central Corp., BW Lotus very large crude oil carrier, CSCL Star container vessel of Panamax size built by Samsung shipyard, Boknafjord liquid natural gas transporting ferry, Jolly Diamante ro-ro ship, Iver Balance chemical tanker, Marina cruise ship, Mega Caravan heavy lifter, Norbe VIII drillship featuring capability to drill in ultra deep waters, Leonora Christina catamaran largest in its class, Orange Star juice carrier, Nord Vela bulk carrier, Seatruck Progress ro-ro ship, Piana ferry build in compliance with all SOLAS 2009 regulations, MPI Adventurer wind turbine ship, Vorstenbosh bunker tanker.

As you can see, there are so many of the ships built largest in their class, and this present particular interest. The Significant Small Ships volume will give you some information about Elastec 1 oil skimmer, Christopher Wheatley fireboat, Hornblower Hybrid passenger ferry boat, Liberty fast ferry, Ocean Pioneer fire fighting tug and many other interesting designs.

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This work prepared by one of the most recognized industry experts is intended to provide an excellent introduction to the world of modern maritime piracy which is unimaginably dangerous. The maritime piracy is commonly associated with the figures from blockbuster films and picture books; however, in fact this is not that romantic and pirates of today are terrorizing oceans of the world, claiming human lives and presenting real threat.

Mariners are attacked by pirates on regular basis, and the attackers are very well armed, most of them having automatic guns and some of them possessing even rocket launchers. The victims are dumped overboard, injured, seized as hostages and even killed. The present book will tell readers about all aspects of modern maritime piracy covering many disasters at sea.

One of the last occasions was the container vessel Maersk Atlanta attacked by the armed pirates, it was the subject of the very popular Captain Philips movie capturing the imagination of the broad audience - it helped a lot to raise people's awareness of the piracy. Have a look in this volume if your job may be affected by the maritime pirates or if you are interested in the shipping since unfortunately the armed maritime piracy is becoming one of the integral parts of the industry.

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Introduction to Lifeboat Arrangements (cont.)

Let us continue to talk about shipboard lifeboat arrangements. Most passenger ships carry partially enclosed lifeboats and the types of release gear are similar to those used for totally enclosed boats. The winch operator lowers the lifeboat to embarkation deck where it must be securely bowsed. The methods used for that can vary very widely so you should consult SOLAS training manual for detailed instructions. Before anybody enters the lifeboat on an exercise drill, you must confirm that the fall preventing devices are in place and have been checked for security.

Only then can the person in charge enter the boat, turn on the main battery and manually disconnect the external power supply. At this point the lifeboat will be swung into the embarkation position and boarding can begin. The passengers will board the lifeboat through the ports and directed to their seats to ensure an even distribution of weight. The first to board will be placed furthest from the entrance. It is the person in charge's role to take command of the evacuees as good leadership is an important factor in survival situations.

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This is a very good and useful training resource to be used by the students of maritime law. The content has been presented in the way of powerpoint presentation covering all important aspects and giving detailed introduction to the Admiralty and maritime law regulating the transportation of people and goods by sea. The origins of the Admiralty and maritime law trace back to the ancient times.

The maritime courts were originally established in the marine ports with the intention to resolve serious controversies existing among different nations engaged in the process of transporting passengers and cargoes over water. This training volume starts with the brief history of maritime law followed by the information on the development of American Admiralty Law. Then, the author proceeds to the main terms including vessel, navigable waters and maritime flavor.

Separate slides have been devoted to the jurisdiction over worker injury and jurisdiction over maritime torts. Contracts for the cargo transportation, chapter parties, demise chapter, time charter, voyage charters and bills of lading are covered within next several slides. In short, the document will provide trainees with all necessary information about the Admiralty and maritime law and as such shall be saved by all persons with the interest in this field.

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