practical ship design
   The present book covers all aspects of the design of monohull displacement ships. However, this has to be set in the context of quite a wide range of marine vehicles. These vessels range from surface skimming vessels, through displacement ships and semi-subs, to wholly submerged submarines.
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marine structural design
   This book is devoted to the modern theory for design and analysis of marine structures. The term "marine structures" refers to ship and offshore structures. The objective of this book is to summarize the latest developments of design codes, engineering practice and research into the form of book, focusing on applications of finite element analysis and risk/reliability methods.
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Welded connections -a primer for engineers
   The present book is the steel design guide published by American Institute of Steel Construction. It contains all necessary information on the welding processes, codes and regulations, calculations and other valuable date and can be used by both students and professionals in steel construction industry.
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steel manual
   This book is intended to serve as a valuable training manual and provides the thorough guidance on the steel to everyone involved in construction, including shipbuilding and repair industry.

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Ship Modeling Hints and Tips
   The problem confronting the modeller is "What ship shall I make?" The number of different motives which bewilder many modellers in their choice of a subject is really amazing. Among sailors, love of ship and sentiment enter largely. Let me warn you, however, that sailors are, as a rule, very, very indifferent modellers. They usually rely upon a piece of dunnage wood, a few reels of cotton, some darning needles, sail needles, and the dregs from the paint pots. The war-time sailor, on the other hand, will probably tackle his first ship (dear to the eyes of any sailor is his first ship) in which he served. The quality of his craftsmanship will depend to some extent upon his civilian background, upon his aptitude and upon his character. This latter is more important than it might at first seem. In my opinion the very first requisite is some small bond of affection. You must have some liking for the ship you would like to model. After all it is a hobby, a labour of love. But this affection for some particular ship we roust examine more closely.
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Ship Modeling Simplified: Tips and Techniques for Model Construction from Kits


   In Ship Modeling Simplified, the professional ship model builder Frank Mastini puts to paper the excellent methods he has developed over thirty years at the workbench in order to help novices take their first steps in this exciting pastime. You do not need the deftness of a surgeon or the vocabulary of an old salt to build a ship model. All you need is just an understanding coach.


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Principles of Welding: Processes, Physics, Chemistry, and Metallurgy
   The time has come for the critically important process of welding to be treated comprehensively, in one source, in precise, unambiguous language, in readable format, and in sufficient depth to satisfy the experienced engineer but sufficiently clear and concise so as not to overwhelm the new student of welding or the interested layperson.
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   From the advent of the earliest of the type, the submarine design has always pressed against the outer limits of the contemporary technological envelope. Investors and engineers have, of necessity, incorporated new and untested machinery and equipment into their craft in order to meet their goals of creating effective undersea vessels. The underwater environment, moreover, is unforgiving; errors in operation or failures of equipment have very dangerous and even fatal consequences. Success in submarine design, therefore, has come to those naval architects who have combined innovation and experimentation with substantial direct, prior experience or knowledge.
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