U-boats vs Destroyer Escorts: The Battle of the Atlantic
   The battle of the Atlantic pitted Germany's U-boats against Allied convoys sailing from North America and the South Atlantic. The name itself is a bit of a misnomer as it was not one single battle but the longest continuous military campaign of World War II, lasting for six years, stretching over hundreds of miles and involving almost countless combat engagements. By the end of hostilities, the Kriegsmarines U-boats had sunk in excess of 2,900 ships, representing over 12 million tons of Allied shipping. Despite some post-war claims that the U-boat campaign had no real chance of being successful in the long run, it is clear that the Allied leaders at the time had a different view. By January 1943. such were the worries over the U-boat's successes that at the Casablanca conference, it was agreed that the defeat of the U-boats was to be a number one priority. Indeed, when summarizing his thoughts on the Battle or the Atlantic, Prime Minister Winston Churchill famously said, 'The only thing that ever really frightened me during the war was the U-boat peril'. The Battle of the Atlantic was not only a fight for the survival of Great Britain, but for the survival of real opposition to Hitler. If the U-boat campaign had succeeded and Britain had been starved into subjugation, the British Isles wouldn't have served as a base for the eventual bombing offensive and as a launching point for the invasion of Kurope. It is difficult to envisage how the stakes could have been higher...
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german u-boat type XXI
   For a long time we have taken it for granted 0 the big, fast U-boat of our age, nuclear powered and able to stay under the surface of the water for weeks, even months if necessary. And yet, scarcely more than forty years have passed since the first nuclear-powered submarine, the American Nautilus, gained worldwide attention on its maiden voyage and introduced a new era in naval warfare...
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7th u-boat flotilla

   The history of the 7th U-boat Flotilla mirrored the course of the U-boat war in general. At the start, this force of six boats acted with immense professionalism, technical excellence and sheer daring. Responsible for some of the greatest naval coups of the early war period, the flotilla's boats developed into a finely-turned force of predators. The failures of the Norwegian campaign caused a temporary dip in flotilla morale, but the influx of new and improved boats did much to reinvigorate the flotilla. At the same time, its base of operations was changed to Brittany, cutting the transit time to the U-boat patrol areas by half. By late 1941 the flotilla strength had grown to over 20 boats, although the bare statistics belie the gruelling nature of the battle these young men were forced to fight. The heady early days of the war were over, and following the loss of many of the squadron's "aces", these newcomers had to learn quickly, or face the same fate. Ultimately Germany was to lose her race for naval supremacy, that statistical conflict of boats lost versus tonnage sunk which has portrayed so graphically in London. Although flotilla strength reached a peak in April 1943, the campaign had already been lost.

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Ship construction

   This text in this book is intended to aim the students of marine sciences/technology, especially those following BTEC programmes in preparation for careers at sea and in marine related industries. The present book will also be useful to the students following courses in shipbuilding. A number of considerable changes have taken place in shipbuilding practice recently, with the introduction of new technology, and the aim of this book is to present all modern shipyard techniques without neglecting basic principles.

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practical ship design
   The present book covers all aspects of the design of monohull displacement ships. However, this has to be set in the context of quite a wide range of marine vehicles. These vessels range from surface skimming vessels, through displacement ships and semi-subs, to wholly submerged submarines.
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Welded connections -a primer for engineers
   The present book is the steel design guide published by American Institute of Steel Construction. It contains all necessary information on the welding processes, codes and regulations, calculations and other valuable date and can be used by both students and professionals in steel construction industry.
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steel manual
   This book is intended to serve as a valuable training manual and provides the thorough guidance on the steel to everyone involved in construction, including shipbuilding and repair industry.

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Ship Modeling Hints and Tips
   The problem confronting the modeller is "What ship shall I make?" The number of different motives which bewilder many modellers in their choice of a subject is really amazing. Among sailors, love of ship and sentiment enter largely. Let me warn you, however, that sailors are, as a rule, very, very indifferent modellers. They usually rely upon a piece of dunnage wood, a few reels of cotton, some darning needles, sail needles, and the dregs from the paint pots. The war-time sailor, on the other hand, will probably tackle his first ship (dear to the eyes of any sailor is his first ship) in which he served. The quality of his craftsmanship will depend to some extent upon his civilian background, upon his aptitude and upon his character. This latter is more important than it might at first seem. In my opinion the very first requisite is some small bond of affection. You must have some liking for the ship you would like to model. After all it is a hobby, a labour of love. But this affection for some particular ship we roust examine more closely.
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