Ship Modeling Simplified: Tips and Techniques for Model Construction from Kits


   In Ship Modeling Simplified, the professional ship model builder Frank Mastini puts to paper the excellent methods he has developed over thirty years at the workbench in order to help novices take their first steps in this exciting pastime. You do not need the deftness of a surgeon or the vocabulary of an old salt to build a ship model. All you need is just an understanding coach.


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Principles of Welding: Processes, Physics, Chemistry, and Metallurgy
   The time has come for the critically important process of welding to be treated comprehensively, in one source, in precise, unambiguous language, in readable format, and in sufficient depth to satisfy the experienced engineer but sufficiently clear and concise so as not to overwhelm the new student of welding or the interested layperson.
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marine auxiliary machinery
This latest seventh release of one the most recognized books on marine auxiliary machinery has been thoroughly revised - some of the old materials have been removed while several new chapters were added that reflect the intention of the author to make the present book maximum relevant to the current COC (certificate of competency) examinations. The author hopes that the drawings that he has included in his book will be of helpful to anyone preparing to the COC as well and other exams. All of the previous releases of this publication have already proven to be so successful and that was the reason of their extreme popularity among both industry professionals and students worldwide. The textbook opens with the chapter describing the main propulsion services together with the heat exchangers, followed by the chapter addressing the machinery service systems together with the associated equipment. Then the chapters come covering the ship service systems, their components, such as pumps and all pumping arrangements, valves and piping, cargo pumps, various systems installed on board tankers and gas carriers, auxiliary power plants, steering arrangements, refrigeration installations, propeller shafts, bow thrusters, stabilizing systems, cargo equipment, deck machinery, fire protection, heating and ventilation, and other important matters.


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   From the advent of the earliest of the type, the submarine design has always pressed against the outer limits of the contemporary technological envelope. Investors and engineers have, of necessity, incorporated new and untested machinery and equipment into their craft in order to meet their goals of creating effective undersea vessels. The underwater environment, moreover, is unforgiving; errors in operation or failures of equipment have very dangerous and even fatal consequences. Success in submarine design, therefore, has come to those naval architects who have combined innovation and experimentation with substantial direct, prior experience or knowledge.
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guide to ship repair estimates

   This is rare and invaluable little guide intended for those involved with costing shiprepairs. It is rare for providing an independent means by which these repairs could be estimated without resorting to tariff rates published by shipyards.

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eyewitness boat
   To explore, to travel, to trade, to fish, to fight and for fun - people take to the water for all these reasons. For thousands of years, they have been developing new ways to make being on the water easier, safer, and quicker. The earliest crafts were simple rafts and floats. But then the hollow shell which sat on the water - probably a hollowed log - was invented. This was the boat, an invention as important as the wheel. Still used all over the world, the wooden boat is the ancestor of the great sailing ships and the huge ferries and container ships of today. There are now many hundreds of different types of boat and ship, made from every material imaginable, from reeds or animal skins to plastic, fibreglass, iron, and steel.
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Ship Design and Performance for Masters and Mates

   The present book tabulates general particulars of thirty-nine ships that were designed, built and delivered in this Millennium. It also covers many various ship types of the last 20 years. The new suggestions and inventions for enhanced ship performance in the next decades are also discussed in detail, as well. And finally, if you are a student, good luck in your studies. If you are either sea-going or shore-based personnel, best wishes for continued success in your job. It provides the comprehensive guidance on the ship design and performance and we hope it will be of great interest and assistance to you.

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Principles of Yacht Design
   During the past thirty years yachting has expanded from being,a minority sport into a major recreational activity practised by millions all over the world. In the 1960s, many attractive coastal areas were still relatively free from pleasure boats; today it can be difficult to find a suitable mooring place for the night. The interest in racing has increased correspondingly at all levels, from dinghy racing to the America's Cup and around the world races.
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