engineering handbook
   The Engineering Handbook was created based on experience and research of Huyett staff and contains invaluable technical information and statistical data. Steel making flowcharts and general information were produced with information from the AISI website. Many technical definitions were taken from "Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Steel... A Glossary of Terms and Concepts".

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outboard engines

   The publication sets the standards for a very easy-to-follow and clearly written primer describing the basics of the engine troubleshooting, care and repair, as stated in the title. It features the full coverage of the four-stroke diesel engines, provides necessary information on both conventional electronic and direct fuel injection systems, etc. It will be ideal for boat owners and operators since the author, Ed Sherman, covered every major engine brand presented at the market, with the power from 2 to 300 hp. We would treat this book as the complete guide on how to maintain your own outboard. The intention of the author was to fill the existing gap between the owner's manuals supplied with the engines, and full workshop manuals. Thus, we would recommend this book to everyone owning and involved in the maintenance or repair an overboard engine. It is a perfect companion to any factory manual but, of course, it is not intended to replace such manual. The idea is rather to provide people with some general instruction while the factory manual would provide them with the engine-specific info. Even the newcomers will get some working knowledge of the outboard engines once they have spent some time with this book.


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dictionary of engineering
   This technical Dictionary offered to you today is a truly excellent reference offering readers huge amount of useful info in a very convenient, so easy-to-use and quick-find format. The publication will for sure be of great at use to the students, industry professionals, teacher, writers or just general readers as it will assist them all gaining proper understanding of all fundamental ideas and key concepts of various engieering areas. The team of authors used a simple and very clear way, using the language which will be easily understandable to the general readers, not only to the industry pros; in the meantime, this book is comprehensive and thorough enough for the advanced students and even scientists. This second edition of the Dictionary was updated and now contains about eighteen thousand entries, including abbreviations/acronyms, gives correct pronunciation for all terms contained, covers so many topics including mechanical engineering, building, industrial and civil engineering, electrical engineering, acoustics, control systems, systems engineering and others. The publication may also be used when preparing to the PE examination as mechanical engineer. There is an appendix providing some additional information and useful data.   
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introduction to marine engineering

   The second edition of one of the most popular and recognized marine engineering textbook in the world. This publication is dealing with absolutely all aspects of a vessel's machinery starting from propulsion and steering arrangements, to the deck machinery, ship systems, as well as all possible electrical installations and other machinery-related items with the emphasis made upon safe and correct procedures. The material presented in the very first release of the publication has been significantly enlarged and revised in order to reflect the greater weight that is being placed upon the cost effectiveness of the ship operation. This book is widely treated as the invaluable guidance for the industry professionals; however, it shall be noted that this book is equally covering the requirements to the Certificates of Competency (COC) for Class 3 and Class 4 Engineers. It will be of great help to anyone professionally interested in marine engineering and ship design. In short, it is definitely the marine engineering bible since it provides so much of technical information presented in a very easily understandable manner. The text material of the book is supplemented with the numerous diagrams and images for better understanding. According to the customer reviews, the book is the excellent and outstanding work.

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advanced marine electrics and electronics troubleshooting

   Here is an excellent manual for the boat owners and marine technicians prepared by Ed Sherman. The declared intention of the author, who is the senior writer of the American Boat & Yacht Council, was to provide readers with necessary knowledge on the proper troubleshooting of the modern complex electrical systems installed on boats and protect such electronic installation from the interference. The readers of this book will also get to know how to eliminate various charging and starting problems, and how to track down the wide range of wiring, grounding, bonding, and corrosion problems. We would treat it as the top notch for every advance amateur electrical do-it-yourself boater. Though it is not too big and thick, this book is densely packed and full of valuable technical information related to the corrosion, RFI, electrical leakage and other important issues requiring the immediate attention of the persons handling and maintaining the boat. It features very good and high-quality graphics and images. It is not actually a primer on electronics but rather perfect textbook for those who have some fundamental understanding of electricity. Do not miss this one - you know, boats always have some electrical issues and you' better get prepared to fix them yourself.

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YCC sailing course for beginners
   Yachting Club Cern - Geneve
, the sailing course book prepared by Hartmut Hugler

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practical boat mechanics

   Most of us are familiar methods of troubleshooting. When something goes wrong, it becomes painfully obvious. There is a horrifying noise, a burning smell, a mysterious appearance of water in the bilge. At that moment, your primary concern is to know what happened and how to fix it; however, good troubleshooting is much more that a gut-level reactive response...

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The Instant Handbook of Boat Handling, Navigation, and Seamanship 
   This handbook was prepared by Nigel Calder together with some co-authors (Richard Clinchy from USCG, Bill Gladstone from North Sails, Peter Nielsen from The Sails Magazine, and others) who are all leading experts, with the intention to provide all readers with comprehensive info related to the handling of boats, navigation and seamanship. Each of pages in this book has been designed for the max efficiency and easiest use. The readers will get to know how to handle the boat under power, how to use nautical charts, global positioning systems, VHF and SSB radios, what is sail trim and rig turning, how to make knots and splices, how to care and repair diesel engines, learn the basics of anchoring and heavy weather sailing etc. Particular attention has been given by the authors to the emergency and first aid on board. One of the main advantages of this book is that it can provide readers with all necessary answers to any questions that may arise, very easy and fast. In fact, almost every chapter of this publication (except the third one addressing the nautical charts) may be used as a stand-alone Guide. We are pretty sure that this interesting and useful handbook will make the boater's time on the water safer, more rewarding and enjoyable.
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