The publication is second in the series of the sailing textbooks providing interested readers, especially beginners to boating and yachting, with all technical information they are to possess about mastering keelboats and sailing. As per the reviews by the readers, it is really a pleasure to use this volume. The content of the publication opens the doors to the new and exciting world and is offering the information considered essential for the safe, enjoyable and comfortable sailing.

The volume is highly recommended to the people with the interest in sailing, particularly to the new sailors wishing to learn how to sail using the established and time proven methods that have been developed by the world recognized cruising experts. The declared concept of these publications was to provide readers with what they need to be aware of at each stage of the training associated with their on-the-water experience.

Once the readers have successfully mastered the very fundamentals of handling keelboats presented in this Basic Keelboat course, they should keep progressing with the Basic Cruising course to get into much more advanced areas and refine the cruising skills they already have plus learn new skills, for example anchoring the boat and intro to piloting. People who have satisfactorily completed the course and apply their knowledge on the water, will be able to take the small boats on their own and command a crew...

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This is the third edition of the title, updated and fully revised, and completely rewritten with the aim to make numerous corrections and additions to the material and also to improve the already existing information. The book is mainly intended to serve as an introduction to the wave mechanics plus different coastal processes together with the basics underlining the currently establishes coastal engineering practices.

The content of the document will be of great practical use for students and in fact everyone having some basic engineering background. The readers are not expected to have any fluid mechanics or math background. This classic publication is offering readers a well-rounded intro to coastal engineering. Note that it will present particular practical interest to the practicing engineers and scientists who did not have any formal study in this field but who are willing to get familiar with coastal engineering.

The material included into the book is covering literally all coastal processes and this list includes mechanisms that are commonly causing changes to the beach profiles, beach equilibrium profiles, design and characteristics of the coastal entrances and wealth of other relevant information. A reference source for people wishing to understand the fundamental concepts in coastal engineering without going too deep in math.

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The present publication is fully dedicated to the AV, standing for the Autonomous Vehicles - these vehicles have been in wide use in the course of many military operations that took place in the last half-century or even more than that. Among the examples of their use we could note the satellites and torpedoes, target drones and cruise missiles etc.

They have also been found practical in the civil sector in such fields as the disposal of the explosive materials, measurement and work conducted in the radioactive environment, undersea researches, robotic manufacturing and others. The latest military experiences with the autonomous vehicles have consistently shown their high value in a broad range of missions; the expected technical developments of these vehicles are very promoting and imply the significant increase of their importance in the naval operations of the nearest future.

The above mentioned developments are enabled, and actually limited, by the progress in the field of computation and robotics, networking, navigation, communications, propulsion and powering, and of course construction materials. This publication may be treated as a forward-looking professional discussion of the existing naval operational environment plus the vision for the Marine Corps/Navy, naval mission needs as well as potential applications of the autonomous vehicles together with the limitations imposed...

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Another official set of documents relating to the Autonics products. This collection is dedicated to the solid state relays produced by this company. Namely, the products addressed within this set of technical files, includes single phase separated heatsink type relays of SSR type and SR1 series, single phase slim separated heatsink type relays of same type but SRC1 series, single phase integrated heat sink SRH1 series, single phase analog type SSR and SRPH1 series and, finally, relays that belong to the single phase socket type SSR and SRS1 series. All necessary information is there including instructions on proper usage, characteristics, details, connections etc.

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This paper set consists of seven folders containing necessary information relating to the Autonics area sensors of series BW, BWPK, BWC and BWP, auto door sensors - ADS-A and ADS-SE series, encoders - E20S, E20HB, E40, E50S, E50S-C, E58, E60H, E68S, E100H, ENA, ENC, ENH, ENHP, ENP, EP50S, EP58, EPM50, ERB series, fiber optic sensors - BF3R, BF4R, BF5, BFC series, photoelectric sensors - BA2M, BJ, BL, BPS, BMS and BM, BR and BS5, BTF, BTS, BUP, BY, BYD series, pressure sensors - PSA, PSAN, PSB series, and proximity sensors - AS, CR, PET18-5, PRA, PFI, PR, PRCM, PRDWT, PRD, PRDAT, PRDAWT, PRDCM and PRDT, PRW, PS, PSN series.

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This set of files contains technical documentation relating to the 50 mm small hybrid recorders and 100 mm hybrid recorders produced by Autonics, namely KRN50 and KRN100 series. As usual, the papers address features, manuals, ordering info, connections, technical specifications, dimensions, input range and type, part descriptions, parameters and functions, factory default settings.

In addition to that, some officially released and distributed software is included in the pack, supplementing the booklets. A needful documentation for the personnel engaged in operating subject equipment.

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This set addresses three series of the Autonics-made pressure transmitters and provides ordering info, dimensions and specification, cable information, connection, troubleshooting data, and caution for using of KT-302H series smart pressure transmitters, PTF30 standard pressure controllers and TPS20 pressure transmitters.

Among the main features of these transmitters the user note the HART protocol and standard/high accuracy sensor, high electrical compatibility and 330 degrees rotating display for the environmental conditions, self-stability and filtering device, backlight for easier reading in the dark, high accuracy measurement etc.

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We recommend you to have a look into this nice collection of useful technical documents for Autonics products - this one being dedicated solely to the power supply. The pack is made of two folders with their content providing all necessary info and data, such as the main features, ordering info, specification, dimensions, unit description, mounting method - for SP-series din-rail mounting type switching mode power supply and SPA-series switching mode power supply with minimized noise and ripple. The authors of the papers have also paid serious attention to the safety aspects involved. The must-have documents for the maintenance, operation and repair personnel.

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