This is the fourth edition of the IMC Handbook, which has been revised to include new Inmarsat systems and operating procedures. The handbook has been prepared with the comilers intention to help Inmarsat users get the understanding of how teh subject system operates and how to get the most from it. The handbook is divided into chapters, which each cover a specific subject.

Chapter 1 introduces Inmarsat together with its satellite network, including a summary of the different systems of Inmarsat satcom. The chapter explains how calls are routed between the MES, i.e. mobile earth station and a subscriber connected to the public telecommunications networks. Since 1 February 1999 the GMDSS has become a mandatory requirement on all cargo ships of 300+ GT and all passenger vessels conducting the international voyages. Chapter 2 explains Inmarsats role within the GMDSS and Chapter 6 describes how the Inmarsat-C system is used for the distribution of MSI. Chapter 8 explains die operation of the Inmarsat EPIRB service. Inmarsat-E.

Chapter 3 describes the commissioning procedures through winch every MES must pass before it is allowed to access the network, whether it is a new installation or a modification. Together with Chapter 3. Chapter 4 explains the accounting, billing plus settlement process for Inmarsat-generated traffic for ship-to-shore/shore-to-ship calls. Chapters 5-10 explain in detail how exactly the different Inmarsat systems operate. They include operating guidelines and guidance on how best to operate an Inmarsat MES...

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This is a very compact guidance; it was specifically prepared with participation of the several organizations respected in the maritime industry with the ultimate intention to duly address the major issues of competency and training for ECDIS, standing for the "Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems" - it was prepared by a special industry group coordinated by The Nautical Institute.

A series of meeting was held by this group, comprised of the leading international maritime industry organizations, since ECDIS had given rise to confusion in regard to training. The ECDIS-related amendments STCW Convention made in 2010 are still not in force and will take full effect only in 2017. Thus, it has been recommended that approved training be undertaken before that in order to ensure that all watchkeepers meet all STCW requirements prior to sailing on the vessels with ECDIS installed on them.

The document consists of only two pages.  As it is clear from the title of this mini-publication, it  is to address the today's requirements applicable to the electronic charts; apart from that, it deals with the generic ECDIS training and familiarization, provides valuable recommendations and also gives some information of the issues relating to the ECDIS training endorsed by the industry...

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The book has been specifically designed to provide all interested parties with a practical and useful reference source; it will be of particular use for the plant supervisors, maintenance technicians and supervisors, and practicing plant engineers.

The author of the publication have been mainly focusing on the established best practices that shall be used by the maintenance personnel in order to keep their equipment working at peak reliability level and companies to function in a maximum possible profitability by reducing the maintenance costs and increasing the capacity and productivity of the technical maintenance.

Following all techniques and practices outlined in this volume will definitely result in significant reduction in the number of self-induced failures. The reference materials presented in the book could be used directly on the plant floor to help the maintenance team perform their everyday duties in a very effective manner. The data has been offered in a concise and easy-to-follow format facilitating its use in quite adverse conditions commonly faced at the plant floor.

Each of the subjects has been reduced to the simplest terms in order to make the volume suitable for the widest range of readers. Taking into account that the volume is not specific to any particular type of plant, it thus can will be useful in any facility type.

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Preface - Introduction, Alarm system; Name and address of the manufacture; Guarantee certificate; System specification; Description of machine - Description of the visual appearance, Utility condition; Installation - General requirement, Moving method, Foundation; Operation - System block diagram, D.O. burner/W.O. burner control, Flue gas damper control, W.O. pump control/Temperature monitoring, Exhaust gas temperature monitoring, Automatic/Manual operation, Breakdown - How to check, W.O. pump operating and maintenance instructions, List of appendices; Maintenance - Safety precaution, Periodic check and adjustment, Cleaning and lubrication; Machine part drawings; Electric part drawings; W.O. tank drawings; Spare list; Service network.

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A very small but very important and useful publication officially released by IMO. In fact, it is primarily aimed at seafarers. The booklet provides the necessary information which will be very helpful to the crew members or any other humans if they fall into the cold water or face the necessity to enter cold water in case of emergency situation.

The book also gives some required guidance to help the fist-aid providers to treat the people who have just been rescued from cold water. The booklet is examining all hazards associated with the exposure of a human to the cold. Such exposure may easily endanger life. In addition, this volume  gives some valuable advice basing on the very latest scientific and medical developments in the field of prevention or minimization of such dangers. Unfortunately, people still die at sea, and one of the reasons is a lack of this knowledge. Go through the information in this book and who knows, maybe the proper understanding of the content of the publication may someday save your (or someone else's) life.

The most important thing to understand and realize is that you shall not feel helpless to affect your survival when exposed to cold water condition. The book provides a good and detailed explanations of cold water hazards and effects they may have, and also lists the actions to take prior to abandoning the vessel, that may improve your chances to survive...

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The official publication released in conjunction with the IMO Maritime Day. It is very short but still able to provide all interested persons and participants of the shipping industry with some useful information. The booklet starts with a short article dedicated to the implementation changes and the importance of the effective implementation.

It is obvious that in order to provide the effectiveness of the operations, the international maritime industry of today is seriously dependent on the regulatory frameworks that are established by the IMO as well as on the effective implementation of the international conventions released by this organization. The failure to follow these would eventually result in the chaos in the maritime industry and complete distortion of the shipping market. Another negative result would be reduction in the levels of marine safety and protection of the environment.

One of the most important and truly impressive features of the regulations proposed and implemented by the IMO would be that once they have entered into force, all of them are applied to the vessels globally via a very effective combination the inspections conducted by port state control and flag state inspectors. These instruments are deservedly considered very practical and play one of the key roles in the marine safety and environment protection...

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The global warming and exploration of the hydrocarbons that is carried out in the Arctic region results in the constantly increasing maritime activity in iced waters. Nowadays, it is possible to predict if a ship will be capable of surviving an encounter with the ice of a particular given thickness; however such knowledge will not be enough to accurately predict the associated increase of the fuel costs.

In the present thesis the investigation of the validity of the analytical formulations for the ice resistance in the above mentioned geographical region has been performed. Subject formulations have been based on the trials in the Swedish-Finnish waters having lower salinity and relatively warm climate in comparison to the ones of the Arctic waters. This has been conducted by comparing the ship resistance that is estimated on the basis of the information obtained from the onboard measurements of the ship's speed and thickness of the ice as well as the engine power with the estimates received from the analytical formulations.

The topic addressed in this book is very challenging and rewarding. The thesis starts with the introduction followed by the description of the characteristics of the sea ice, models used for the calculation of the ice induced hull resistance, open-water resistance, analysis of the relevant statistical data, and many other important aspects.

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We are introducing the 3.1 version of the world famous and extremely popular Fairplay Ports and Terminals Guide was developed and released with the aim to help people improve the operational efficiency of their ships through the improvement of preparation to the ports of call.

The users who decided to choose this software will find the data on over twelve thousand shipping terminals and ports, eight thousand tanker berths and nearly thirty thousand port service providers - quite impressive indeed - and it will definitely let them navigate any of the ports much easier and with much more confidence. This pack of files is one of the most complete collections which lots of supplementary information such as photographs, mooring diagrams, ports plane, etc.

The present software can also be used to find specific port services all over the world, conduct thorough competitor and market researches, gain competitive advantages using the most complete and up-to-date info, etc. This program shall be burn onto a compact disk; alternatively, it can be opened using any of the available virtual machine such as Daemon Tools Lite. No viruses inside and no need to crack the software, send any text messages, register etc. Fully compatible with all Windows systems.

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