This official catalogue was released by AC Antennas, recognized and world leading company manufacturing the antennas possessing a huge portfolio of products.

The publication is provides its readers with the required general technical descriptions of all their antennas, their electrical and mechanical specifications addressing every type of the antennas produces, namely CELmar VHF, cellular, AIS, VHF, UHF, GPS and other antennas.

The present booklet also contains the specifications of the accessories plus mounting hardware. The AC antennas have proven to be designed to provide an extra-class technical performance while maintaining cost effectiveness.

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The present exceptionally useful and practical volume will be providing readers with a good systematic exposition of both the abrasive erosion and corrosion that would commonly occur in the different types of hydraulic machinery, and in this volume the authors have been mainly dealing with theory plus with the established engineering practice proven effective.

In fact this book could for sure be treated as a very first so comprehensive book addressing subject area deep enough. The author have covered all critically important subjects related to the abrasive erosion/corrosion - among the topics there are theoretical fundamentals of these processes, associated calculations, analysis, numerical simulations of the "liquid-solid" flow design, interaction between abrasive erosion/corrosion and cavitation, different popular construction materials that are resistant to erosion etc.

This publication is arranged in seven chapters, and the first one is describing the theoretical basics of abrasive erosion and how the subject process usually takes place in pumps and turbines, while the second chapter is mainly dedicated to the analysis of the various factors that are influencing silt erosion. The other chapters of the book address the particle laden flow analysis together with the important technical aspects of the design of the hydraulic machinery expected to work in such conditions, anti-abrasive-erosion materials, corrosion etc.

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The full set of technical documentation pertaining to the AALBORG Inert Gas System, Mission OL Boiler, and AV-6N Economizer. The first part, for Mission OL Boiler, contains following - technical data, operation and maintenance instructions, flow diagrams, safety valves, technical description, water level gauges, feed water system, set of drawings, oil flow meter and regulating valve, data sheets, differential transmitter, ingition burner pump, combustion air pump, drawings and operating instruction and data sheets for burner, operating principles for control system, smoke density monitor, performance curves, mission control system, commissioning and service, burner sequence diagram, operation of the panels, flame safeguard, monitoring and control system, set point diagrams, menu structure for the control system, spare parts for boiler, burner, and control system.

The second part, for Inert Gas System, includes chapters covering general description of the subject system, operation, alarm and safety devices, parts list, piping and operation diagram, schematic control diagram, operating instruction, operation flow chart, operation guidance and emergency procedure, scrubber, deck water seal, pressure valve breaker, action on faults during operation, maintenance and periodical checks, inert gas system fault, recorder SR-1000, oxygen analyzer GB-II, positioner YT-1000, pressure transmitter EJA-110, pressure controller UT-420, pressure switches JM-21, RT113 and RT116, temperature indicator UM-330, flow switch BQS, level switches S01 and FR29Z, digital indicator UT-150.

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Here is another popular grammatical book released for both teachers and students of English learning it as the foreign/second language. The main declared intention of the author, Nigel Turton, was to provide the learners of intermediate/advanced levels of proficiency with an easy access to the required info in order to correct their grammatical mistakes and avoid them in the future.

Talking specifically about teachers of English, this title gives a practical checklist of students' errors, provided with the explanations of the related grammar points. The textbook is covering both errors in system and word grammar, together with the so-called "common" errors. The author of the guide employed the standard (British) English, describing the differences between American and British English at the relevant entries.

All the entries in the guide feature the good examples of correct vs. incorrect usage, followed by the clear and easily understandable explanations of the grammar rules which have been broken in the particular cases. This reference addresses the errors that students of English make regularly. The errors collected by the author have been gathered from a huge number of various written texts that have been produced by the students at different proficiency levels.​

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This comprehensive reference source was prepared to provide all interested parties, including designers, R & D engineers and researchers with all required technical information on various alternate current motor system drives. It would also appeal to the students in the field of electrical and power systems, robotics, mechanical engineering, and others.

   The book covers all latest advancements concerning the control theory and draws on them to apply a truly wide range of control design methods to a variety of alternate current motors. The publication contains contributions from 30+ top industry researchers explaining how the above mentioned control methods might be used to achieve optimal energy efficiency, safety and operational reliability. The author describes the complete control approach and demonstrates both observer and controller designs by the advanced non-linear methods.



Among the other features of this nice publication there is the good coverage of the main types of alternate current motors, illustration of the use of the advanced control methods with special focus made on non-linear controllers and observers, fault detection/isolation algorithms, etc. The AC control is very complex but this book will provide all required information to make the understanding a bit easier.



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This official AALBORG publication starts with the description of the system concept covering the technical data and boiler plant flow diagrams, followed by the information related to the burner and accessories, including drawings and associated data sheets, plus operational and maintenance instructions.

The next section of the paper addresses the electrical equipment, such as the alarm panel, sequence control, safeguard, again supplemented with the data tables and drawings. Next one is dedicated to the system accessories including feed water system/pumps, steam dump and salinity alarm equipment. The closing section provides the info on the burner/control panel spare parts.

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Here is the 2.16 version of the popular and recognized Beier IVCS 2002 DP-0 ship handling simulator. It was created and released by Beier, one of the world leaders in marine software development and production, quite a long time ago, in 2002, it still remains quite actual and useful for people willing to have some practice and improve their ship handling skills. The password to be used is "awas".

No need for installation thus can be used as portable software. The pack was checked and no viruses were found. Unlike some other simulators presented on our website, this one should be treated more than a training software rather than a game. The user will be offered several types of vessels to work with, namely shuttle tanker, passenger/car ferry, passenger cruise ship and even offshore supply vessel. Though it can be seen that the program is fairly outdated, we do believe that it it still actual and useful when used as the training resource for anyone willing to preliminarily check his knowledge of ship handling. Quite rare piece of software.

We definitely recommend this training software to students and future bridge officers as something to start with, you will not be disappointed with the results of such practical training.

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Over the past several decades there have been many significant changes in the maritime industry. Vessels of today are much bigger and their speeds are higher, their manning has been reduced; there are now so many types of ships including newly introduced ones, for example hovercrafts; ferries carry much more passengers and vehicles than in the past.

And even taking into account that people may now perform much quicker and much more accurate assessment of the ship stability and strength of the ships' hull together with the maneuvering and powering of the ships and their motions at sea by means of the very complex and specialized computer software, the basic concepts of the naval architecture remain unchanged and are valid as ever.

Some very rapid technical advances have been made in the field of the ship design, ship construction and ship operation, and many of them directly relate to the effectiveness. This is mainly owing to the higher efficiency and lower costs of the computers and proliferation of the available information.

This book of ship's theory consists of two separate volumes providing readers with the coverage of all important aspects, including trim and floatation, ship stability, potential hazards and protection of the ship, hull girder, structural design of the ship and associated analysis, launching of the ships and their docking, powering, seakeeping and maneuverability, major design features and so many others.

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