Proceedings of the RINA conference on design & operation of the bulk carriers that was held in 2009. The publication starts with the hull integrity management and covers the best established practices for maintenance of subject type of vessels, including vetting trends.

We understand that the bulk carriers live very stressful lives since they are not as robust and strong as most of the people might think, and at the same tome safe and efficient bulk carrier may only be obtained if all the ship designers and constructors, maintenance and management teams performed their duties in a proper manner.

The documents included in this compilation deal with such interesting topics as regulatory and operational challenges applicable to the bulk carriers, design and operation of bulk carriers, monitoring and maintaining ballast tank condition in vessels that are laid-up, special fatigue analysis, best practices for technical maintenance, double bottom height effect, reliability of the hull girder including challenges and possible solutions, economic and environment-friendly solutions for electric drives for the side-rolling hatch covers, predictor-corrector system for health monitoring of the structure of the hull, applicable IMO performance standards, spectral fatigue analysis etc.

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The sea trade has always played a significant role in both the business success of shipping companies and the welfare of the nations. The container storage yard is the geographical and operational centre of the container terminals in most seaports. As a result, it is very important and plays one of the major roles for the trade and transportation flows.

One of the very latest developments in the operations relating the storage of the containers is the implementation of the automated rail mounted gantry crane system offering the very dense stacking of the units and lower labour costs. This publication was written with the purpose to investigate if the operational performance of the above mentioned seaport container terminals is influenced by the design of the storage systems and find out to what exactly extent this performance is affected by the framework conditions at the terminal.

In addition, it is discussed the strategies applicable to the crane scheduling and stacking of the containers. The authors present a very detailed simulation model in order to compare the performance effects of some other storage designs as well as innovative planning strategies. This is a very useful and informative publication for people involved in storage and transportation of the shipping containers. 

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The current release of the work by Lynne Talley was published to provide some introduction to this subject for graduate/undergraduate-level students. The emphasis has been made by the author one the large scale oceanography, mainly in observations; the content of this volume also includes several topics brought from wave oceanography and also coastal oceanography.

The list of topics covered within this title includes seawater properties, salt and heat budgets, applied instruments, various methods of data analysis, introductory dynamics, variability of the climate as applied to each ocean and global ocean in general, plus brief general introductions to the coastal oceanography, waves and physical setting. The body of the document has been expanded to include the descriptions of the ocean basin and to emphasize the dynamical context, several completely new chapters have been added dealing with the ocean dynamics and circulation.

Moreover, this revised edition of the title contains additional supplemental changes and numerous useful practical exercises included to analyze a global ocean data by means of the Java Ocean Atlas. Definitely recommended title for all professionals/enthusiasts of marine science and oceanography.

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The instruction manual for the liquid and solid waste incinerator Delta IRL-30. Burner erection and running instructions; Control panes; Exhaust gas fan Instructions for sludge dosifier equipment; Sludge tank erection and maintenance instructions. Main characteristics and consumptions; Purpose; Incinerator composition; Operating theory; Alarms and shut-down; Installation instructions; Instructions for first start up; Operating instructions; Maintenance instructions; Troubleshooting; List of drawings; List of spare parts. A very valuable one for the personnel engaged in operation/maintenance of these incinerators.

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Another useful compilation of technical documentation - this one deals with the DEIF Protection and Power Management. The present pack of files contains numerous data sheets, installation instructions, operators manual, parameter list, quick start guides and application notes for the Protection and Power Management, PPM-3.

There are also some booklets with valuable application notes for the Multi-Line 2 separate synchronization relay and general guidelines for its commissioning etc. The set of documents coming under the title "Description of options" addresses voltage/VAr/PF control together with the functional description, analogue controller and transducer outputs, modbus communication, serial communication - Profibus DP, CANbus engine interface communication, external input/output modules, seven binary inputs, four binary outputs, additional display and operator's panel. In addition, this pack contains the USW-3 (PC Utility Software).

The declared purpose of the developers of the program is to provide users with the general tools to use for setup and commissioning of devices and supervision of data from the devices. It is supplemented with the help file for easier use.

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Today, existing risks of possible serious shortages for some critically important metals and serious uncertainty about the known/expected reserves of other metals, that are located on the land, are justifying the searches for the diversification of the sources of supply and to the investigation of their potential. The existing resources of minerals that are situated in the deep sea have already attracted rapt attention of the industry; note that the interest to the those resources is constantly increasing in line with the discoveries of different forms of ores.

The study contained in this volume is mainly intended to take stock of the professional experience as well as the relevant technical knowledge, directly related to the mineralizations together with the associated metals and technologies available to explore and exploit them; moreover, the biological diversity and all possible impacts on the environment plus the partnerships vital for Europe and France, possessing the areas of mineral resources in the seafloors of three oceans, have been dealt with.

The info selected for the inclusion into the volume will be equally useful and practical for all people involved in making key decisions in preparing and implementing the strategies, various development programs and relevant researches, and commercial utilizations for subject resources...

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The ship survivability is directly related to the requirements governing the intact/damage stability of the ship. It should actually be noted that the intact survivability of the vessels has received relatively more attention. The safety of the passenger ships has always been considered a prime concern for all regulatory authorities. There are several established and proven ways of assessment of the damage stability of the ships, including the probabilistic, deterministic methods and the real-time simulation.

The main purpose of the present study was to address the further development of the ship stability software using the MATLAB program on the basis of the real time simulation, i.e. third approach, of the dynamic behavior of the damaged ship at waves. The particular vessel called "Sarawak Fast Ferry" has been specifically chosen to perform the parametric study for the further application of the DSP, standing for the Damage Stability Program, which, in turn, has been developed and introduced.

The experiment has been conducted by means of the image processing and the results obtained during the experiment showed a remarkably good correlation to the simulation results. Subject results have also shown that the loading conditions and height of the waves are the most important and influencing factor to the stability of the vessels...

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Among the best attributes of the present volume the readers have noted the compactness of the volume and combination of the historical profile. It is highly recommended to the general readers and to the undergraduate-level students. The fast cruisers and battle cruisers considered the eyes of any naval fleet have always been the ultimate warships of the gunboat diplomacy - no any other vessels were so well-equipped to be capable of serving as the working war machines and projection of the national might. The publication is covering the significant designs of the cruisers and battle cruisers, with the content providing all required details including the hull dimensions and armament, crew complement and propulsion means etc. The first introductory chapter of the volume discusses the general history of these cruisers starting from the eighteenth century up to today, including the technical development and importance of the cruisers. The readers all around the world have already appreciated the good historical and technical overview provided by the author in the pages of this work covering different types of the cruisers, life aboard those vessels, and other relevant and interesting information. This is a real treasure for the people looking for a comprehensive overview of the subject vessels taking into account the attention paid to the details...

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