The original intention of the authors of this book is to ensure that all readers will have a perfect cruise vacation, memorable and relaxing. They have made a good attempt to anticipate all possible questions the readers may have about the cruise vacation experience, and answer them. The book will be very valuable for the first-time cruiser as it will tell them what to expect from the cruise experience. And the main goal is to make the cruise vacation experience very familiar even for those who have never stepped on board a ship. All info in the book has been laid out in a style easy to understand. The authors of the book have reviewed the best cruise lines that were available at the time of the publication and also performed the overviews of the most popular cruise ports of the world, including Alaska, the Caribbean, Hawaii and other popular destinations. The top popular attractions and shore excursions have also been recommended to the readers intending to undertake their first sea cruise. Just take this book with you and use it as a good and very useful reference tool, it will definitely help you a lot when making the final decisions. Many interesting and practical tips on sightseeing have also been provided together with the planning advices, information about the vessels etc.

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The present official IMO publication contains the revised specifications relating to the design, as well as control and operation of the COW, i.e. crude oil washing systems installed on board marine vessels carrying crude oil, the standard format for the COW operations and associated equipment manuals, informative examples of the above mentioned systems and manuals, and valuable guidelines for the in-port inspection of COW procedures.

The main purpose of the document is to provide users with all required technical info and related requirements. The book starts with the introductory sections defining its purpose and application, followed by the chapter containing general provisions. The next chapter addresses the design criteria applicable to the piping and washing machines, pumps, stripping systems and ballast lines.

The fifth chapter is fully dedicated to the personnel qualification, while the sixth deals with the actual operation, i.e. tankage, drainage/discharge, filling the tanks, COW at sea, use of the inert gas and its control, vapor emission, necessary safety precautions related to the electrostatic generation, oily water discharge etc. The last chapter gives the information about the operations and equipment manual. There are also three appendices at the end of the volume providing some additional information relating to the changes to the regulations, training of the personnel and agreed interpretations.

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The content of this volume is mainly based on the results obtained in the course of the international Workshop which took place in Berlin and dedicated to creating of the shapes in both naval and civil architecture. The authors of the paper are presenting the very final version of the fourteen articles that have been presented at that time together with four relevant appendices.

Subject workshop was intentionally held to lay the certain basics in a comparative study of the history of technical knowledge in two above mentioned disciplines. We know that the naval architecture is treating the conception, design and subsequent realization for the maritime structures. The subject of creating shapes was considered a focal interest point for the comparisons carried out between two above mentioned disciplines due to the important role it plays in development of the objects.

The discussions and presentations that took place during that workshop and then included in this volume in the form of results are following such objectives as collection and documenting of the sources of shape creating-related knowledge, classification of the procedural and practical knowledge, enumeration of the important milestones, placing priorities related to the design and construction of the objects, relevant historical changes, comparison of different styles and methodologies of shape design, terminology, real life case studies etc.

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Below is a list of chapters included in this officially published Crane Power and Palfinger Marine manual. The content starts with Safety Instructions, since it is in the user's own interest to observe these instructions very carefully; Before Operating these Cranes, providing users with the critically important safety related instructions to follow each time they start the operation; Starting Operation of the Cranes, giving all the required information for the proper start operations of the cranes; Crane Operation - necessary info to properly/safely operate these cranes; After Crane Operation - summary to safely finish work with your cranes; the last one - Maintenance and Service - as implied in the title, info on the proper maintenance/servicing of the cranes; Appendix - EEx - Crane.

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The main body of this technical document has been specifically worked out by the professionals of the Palfinger Marine & Crane Power to aim all personnel engaged in the everyday operation of the models covered. It enlightens such the important matters as safe operation, proper start, maintenance plus service of the crane etc.

The book provides users of these hydraulic cranes with the critical safety precautions to be considered, starting instructions for the crane engine, etc. There is a very informative appendix at the end, mainly dedicated to the crane models and contains the required general and technical info plus model-specific safety information.  

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Corrosion is something generally accepted by all participants of the offshore industry as the critically important issue. This report is mainly dealing with the technical developments of the top-level corrosion strategy specifically worked out for all topside processing facilities located offshore.

The associated project has been originally conceived as a fundamental and route study conducted to establish the basic requirements relating to the assessment/management of the corrosion risks related to the production of the oilfields and equipment used for the transportation of the oil. The underlying objective throughout this work was proper identification of requirements for the guidelines combining the best industry practices from the HSE, corrosion and also the asset integrity management.

The approach adopted tasks consider the relevant offshore regulations together with the risk control systems. The main summary of this work was that development of the corrosion risk guidelines was quite feasible and would definitely be welcomed by the offshore industry. Corrosion itself is a serious life-limiting factor causing the deterioration of the offshore structures by general wastage and pitting/cracking leading directly to the loss of containment of the processing fluids...

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It goes without saying that people never enjoy corrosion. The corrosion is commonly perceived as a very nasty phenomena with which people have to cope. The present comprehensive volume by Alec Groysman is aimed to clearly explained the corrosion to everybody and the author has made his best to present the explanation in a maximum lucid and interesting way.

The content of the volume will be easily understandable even for the beginners and young engineers. However, the problem of corrosion has been addressed quite deeply and it means that the book will be of great professional interest even for the practicing engineers and scientists in this field. The author has used a fresh style of writing and explanation and covered such the important topics as oxygen solubility in water, reversible/irreversible potential, practical monitoring and control of pollution, iron and steel oxidation, humanitarian aspects and many others.

The text part of the volume has been supplemented with numerous practical real-life examples of different corrosion phenomena. The corrosion has been explained in six big chapters starting from the corrosion mechanisms and its parameters, through the corrosion phenomena and types of corrosion. The publication would be recommended to all people willing to get a deeper insight in the corrosion types, associated mechanisms and preventative measures.

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The operator's guide for the CyScan PRS, i.e. position reference sensor. The document starts with the introduction providing the part names and serial numbers plus software versions, followed by the chapters with the instructions on the proper use of the system including screen layout, navigation, alarms and controls.

The other three chapters provide the troubleshooting tips with the possible problems and proposed remedies, alarm codes information on fuses/indicators, valuable technical notes including targets, divergence and operation in low temperatures and technical specifications. Check the guides for installers and engineers as well.

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