The volume is providing a truly comprehensive coverage of both strain and stress analysis of the circular cylinders as well as of pressure vessels, and this is one of the most important classic topics of the theory and methodology of machine design. Most of the other books available today, are offering only a partial coverage of this subject and in the majority of cases they only consider the stress analysis in the elastic field; in the meantime, this book enlarges the design area and analyzes the processes occurring at pressures stressing the materials beyond their yield points and at thermal loads giving rise to creep.

This work by Vincenzo Vullo, who is professor at the University of Rome, teaching the mechanical design discipline, considers not only traditional but also advanced topics, ensuring that it will be useful to the machine design engineers and researches in this field. The relations that have been provided by the author, re intended to serve as a sound foundation for the design of those products that are considered safe and sophisticated from the technological point of view, and also complying with the requirements of the recognized technical codes and standards, plus for the developments of various innovative applications.

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Today, the role of the chronobiology is in proper understanding of the time base of both marine animals and plants, along with their behavior, physiology and ecology, is being deservedly recognized and this recognition is constantly increasing. It shall be noted, however, that the major portion of all efforts that have been made by the scientists so far was focusing on the seasonal/daily rhythmicity that is commonly associated with the solar periodicity.

In his publication the author, Ernest Naylor, who is the expert in his field, has made a brilliant attempt to describe how exactly the marine organisms ranging from the single cells and up to the vertebrates, and living in estuaries, as well as in the open-ocean and on the sea shores, evolved the bio-clockwork together with the mechanisms of synchronization controlling their rhythmic processes and also their navigational behavior.

The author has also applied a hypo-testing and experimental approach and, as a result, this volume could be used by the any-level students of marine science, marine biology and ecology, oceanography, behavior of the animals and all other biological sciences; it will also be very useful when used as an into for researchers, such as the biologists, biochemists and physiologists, making their first steps in chronobiology.

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At the times of commercial maritime shipping, the clippers were treated as the truly ultimate expression of grace and speed. There raced out to American and Australian continents at the record speeds and transporting the tea from China - their performance was perfectly combined with their beauty.

This publication is intended to provide the interested readers with the insight to the clippers are with more than two hundred colorful paintings and informative illustrations together with the thrilling and fascinating descriptions of the sea adventures and races. The content of the publication includes the very origins of the clipper ships, great China tea-race, the famous long ocean voyage of the "Cutty Sark" clipper, and many other amazing and glorious pages of the clippers history.

The book features the firsthand accounts, real ship log entries, reports from the newspapers of that time and other details allowing readers make a clear and full picture and making this title an excellent and truly wonderful reading presenting readers with the fantastic collection of the stories of many sailing vessels and sea voyages. The huge amount of interesting facts and images of the book by Sam Jefferson is definitely impressive and difficult to be found in any other publication on the same subject.

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There are a great variety of ships at sea today whose many technical specifications of engineering installations. The one thing that is common to all of them is that they all require the use of water - one way or another. It may be used for steam production or engine cooling, or simply for consumption by the officers and crew. In fact, water will be used on board in considerable quantities.

Fortunately, there is always plenty of it available in the form of a sea water; they can pump it and use it straight away for washing the deck, for example. But if you try and use this water in a boiler, or for cooling your main engine, in a few days catastrophe will hit the ship - the boiler could blow up or the main engine get damaged. This is because sea water is contaminated by dissolved and dispensed solids, namely sodium chloride, calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate and calcium sulphate.

These form deposits which can cause overheating and mechanical breakdown, making it unsuitable for use in boilers and in engine cooling systems, just like it is unsuitable for drinking by human being. that is why the cleaning and treatment of water on board the vessel is so important for the ship's efficient operation - and that is where chemical treatment plays a vital role by preventing internal corrosion and scaling formation...

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Today, we are introducing the latest, fourth edition of the volume that has been significantly updated using the very recent literature. The content of the book remains basing on graduate/undergraduate university courses which the author has taught for the past forty-five years. Over the past decade numerous new and interesting large-scale oceanographic programmes have been introduced, including the GDMP, standing for the geochemical trace metal program, and climate variability program.

This program is mainly intended to contribute in proper understanding the bio-geochemical cycles of trace elements in the water. The basic studies have already demonstrated the input of both Fe and Pb from the hydrothermal vents and the redox behavior of metals in waters with low content of oxygen. The above mentioned studies are expected to produce lots of valuable information related to the biogeochemistry. The constantly increasing content of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, that is resulting from the burning of various fossil fuels is continuing to affect the atmosphere as well as the oceans. The temperature of the surface waters is also increasing and is consequently causing stratification in the oceans.

This all has already led to numerous areas of low oxygen in coastal ocean waters. Each year many oceanographers are doing their best to duly contribute to the rapidly expanding technical knowledge of the oceans. The author has made an excellent attempt to build and update this intro to Chemical Oceanography with new understanding and modern concepts...

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This easy-to-understand book gives a funny and very easy way for beginners to start building electrical circuits for their projects. Have you ever tried to construct you own electronic device, or repair a cable for the microphone, or do anything like this?

Here is an excellent publication for you, that will be actually of great use for such enthusiasts. Inside this book the readers will find all necessary techniques and tools they require to start building the circuits - note that the material presented in the book is supplemented with the very well-illustrated instructions helping readers with accomplishing the tasks and completing the projects. You will be able to construct so many projects while learning the most important principles and techniques of the electric circuit building.

You will also get some useful information related to the testing and measuring, troubleshooting, maintenance, electric cables and connectors etc. The book addresses nearly all stuff you have to know and provides all required tools together with the explanation of their proper use; you will know how to make sense of electrical schemes, understand the basic techniques for creating circuits, start making and repairing connectors and cables, get aware of the good procedures for maintenance and testing etc...

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The author of this document examines the major strategic interests of China in the South China Sea region, focusing on the power projection and security of the resources. Of course, China is pursuing other interests; however, in order to make the publication an easily manageable endeavor the author has discussed mainly the topics relating to the resources and power making necessary connections to such important areas as economics, national security and others.

He has also taken quite close look at how exactly the dynamics in those multi-dimensional domains are affecting the drafting of the strategies as well as policy-making and also addresses the influence they could have state actions. The book starts with the introduction covering the assessment of the PRC's internal and external dynamics and understanding of their global search, plus touching the oil security matters. The second part of the document contains the country-specific case studies from Japan, US, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Finally, the last part of the book deals with the resource security and also the power projection. The list of abbreviations and acronyms used throughout the work is there, as well. A definitely useful publication for anyone involved in the shipping industry and with general interest in geopolitics.

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As it is clearly implied by the title of this publication, the intention of it's author was to provide all readers with all training materials required for preparation for the TOEFL examination. Satisfactory results of this exam are the requirement for the entry for non-native speakers of English language at thousands of universities all over the world.

The author has included a range of activities to make the learning process easier for the students and let them increase their vocabulary. The material is supplemented with the exercises. At the end of the book there is a search index. The program is intended for ESL students at intermediate-to-advanced levels. However, it will of course be very useful for native speakers of English. This is a remarkably helpful and practical book - you will definitely wind everything you need here.

It will not only help you with your vocabulary but will also assist in improving your writing skills; of course, your thinking and speaking fluency will also get improved - just check the material chosen by the author, and follow the instructions in the book and you will see the results shortly. We do recommend this publication for both classroom training and self-study at home.

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