a history of greek-owned shipping


Gelina Harlaftis
 Publisher Routledge
 Date 2005
 Pages 480
 Format pdf
 Size 5.2 Mb

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   This book follows the development of Greek-owned merchant shipping in international waters from the formation of the Greek state in 1830 to the present. In 1894 Greeks owned 1 per cent of the world fleet and had the thirteenth biggest merchant marine; 100 years later they owned the largest fleet, with 16 per cent of world tonnage. This study examines Greek international networks, their access to commercial and maritime markets and their share of sea transport. It distinguishes the cargoes carried in the last 160 years, the routes followed, the interests served and the organisational and structural patterns. The aim is to distinguish continuity from change over the past two centuries; to establish the main contours of the development of the fleet; and to raise important questions about why the Greek merchant marine was so successful.

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