A Short Introduction to Theoretical Mechanics

Author(s)                 A. Nony Mous
Publisher Brigham Young University
Date 2007
Pages 201
Format pdf
Size 2.2 Mb

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   This perfect introductory publication that was specifically written and released to explain the very fundamentals of the classical theoretical mechanics. It starts with the chapter providing the very general overview of the theoretical mechanics, including the laws of motion, vectors and their equality together with all associated vector operations, position and velocity, acceleration, and relevant problems. The second chapter of the volume is dedicated to the generalized systems of coordinates, including the definitions and theorems, as well as examples of such systems, basis vectors and metric tensor, numerous theorems and information related to the application to acceleration. The third chapter of the title is dealing with the differential equations, including their linear/non-linear solutions and numerical solutions. In the fourth chapter the author focuses on the one-dimensional motion, covering the associated definitions and theorems, while the following chapter concentrated on the particle motion in 2D and 3D. In turn, the sixth chapter is covering the accelerated frames of reference, while the seventh chapter is dealing with the systems of interacting particles. The remaining chapters cover the rigid bodies and special theory of relativity. All theorems and other theoretical chapters are supplemented with several appendices...

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