A Treatise on Naval Tactics


Paul Hoste
 Publisher Ulan Press
 Date 1834 (re-printed in 2012)
 Pages 424
 Format pdf
 Size 6.7 Mb

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   From the attention bestowed for these few years past on Naval Tactics, by several experienced officers and tacticians, those who follow the Naval service, have been frequently referred to the Treatise of Paul Hoste on Naval Evolutions, as the earliest work of this description on record, and to which all others have been more or less indebted. As the scarcity of this Treatise has almost entirely excluded it from being accessible to Naval Officers, as an elementary book of instruction, I have been induced carefully to examine the original folio edition, printed at Lyons in 1697, and to conclude, that were it more generally known, it would be of much service to the profession, by furnishing clear, simple, and practical rules for Naval Evolutions, drawn from mathematical principles, and embracing this important subject in every variety of theoretical and practical detail... The present document is actually representing the reproduction of one of the most important historical works, and the author did his best trying to maintain the original format. The content of the book is classic and the information contained will definitely remain valid and practical regardless of the time period.

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