Aalborg Instruction Manual for Inert Gas System & Mission OL Boiler & AV-6N Economizer

Author(s)                 AALBORG
Publisher Sumitomo Heavy Industries Marine & Engineering Co., Ltd.
Date 2008
Pages var.
Format pdf
Size 48.2 Mb

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   The full set of technical documentation pertaining to the AALBORG Inert Gas System, Mission OL Boiler, and AV-6N Economizer. The first part, for Mission OL Boiler, contains following - technical data, operation and maintenance instructions, flow diagrams, safety valves, technical description, water level gauges, feed water system, set of drawings, oil flow meter and regulating valve, data sheets, differential transmitter, ingition burner pump, combustion air pump, drawings and operating instruction and data sheets for burner, operating principles for control system, smoke density monitor, performance curves, mission control system, commissioning and service, burner sequence diagram, operation of the panels, flame safeguard, monitoring and control system, set point diagrams, menu structure for the control system, spare parts for boiler, burner, and control system. The second part, for Inert Gas System, includes chapters covering general description of the subject system, operation, alarm and safety devices, parts list, piping and operation diagram, schematic control diagram, operating instruction, operation flow chart, operation guidance and emergency procedure, scrubber, deck water seal, pressure valve breaker, action on faults during operation, maintenance and periodical checks, inert gas system fault, recorder SR-1000, oxygen analyzer GB-II, positioner YT-1000, pressure transmitter EJA-110, pressure controller UT-420, pressure switches JM-21, RT113 and RT116, temperature indicator UM-330, flow switch BQS, level switches S01 and FR29Z, digital indicator UT-150.

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