AC Electric Motors Control - Advanced Design Techniques and Applications

Author(s)                 Fouad Giri
Publisher Wiley
Date 2013
Pages 578
Format pdf
Size 9.7 Mb

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   This comprehensive reference source was prepared to provide all interested parties, including designers, R & D engineers and researchers with all required technical information on various alternate current motor system drives. It would also appeal to the students in the field of electrical and power systems, robotics, mechanical engineering, and others. The book covers all latest advancements concerning the control theory and draws on them to apply a truly wide range of control design methods to a variety of alternate current motors. The publication contains contributions from 30+ top industry researchers explaining how the above mentioned control methods might be used to achieve optimal energy efficiency, safety and operational reliability. The author describes the complete control approach and demonstrates both observer and controller designs by the advanced non-linear methods. Among the other features of this nice publication there is the good coverage of the main types of alternate current motors, illustration of the use of the advanced control methods with special focus made on non-linear controllers and observers, fault detection/isolation algorithms, etc. The AC control is very complex but this book will provide all required information to make the understanding a bit easier.

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