AC York - Air Condition Refrigeration Plant 1200 V 3.6

Author(s)                 York Marine ApS
Publisher York Marine ApS
Date 2001
Pages 82
Format pdf
Size 2.1 Mb

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   This manual describes the functionality and control of a "Standard ARP" plant. The layout of the sections in this manual is as follows: List of shutdowns and interlocks, if any, Function description or control description, Display pictures and functionality. All the values on the display pictures are only examples and cannot be used as actual values. Not all functions, shown in this manual, are available on all plants. Additional functions that may have been added to a specific plant, are placed in the "Additional functions" part. The air conditioning plant may consist of one or two compressors, which supply one or two AHU units each fitted with one or two cooling coils. Each coil is mounted with one or two cooling circuits. The control system for the AHU unit consists of one temperature sensor in the outdoor chamber, and one in the supply air chamber of the AHU. Up to two expansion valves in the refrigeration lines; one for each cooler, and a capacity controllable compressor.

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