Actual Ships Stability Problems and the Influence on Safety of Navigation

Author(s)                 Christian Andrei
Publisher Editura Digitala
Date 2014
Pages 116
Format pdf
Size 4.1 Mb

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   The present book is very important and useful because of the approach applied by the author to the problems relating to the loss of ship stability by means of the study of different operational aspects together with the dynamic ship behavior in severe condition of the sea and offering a complete picture of the selected modes of stability failure not currently covered by any criteria or applicable regulation. The original motivation for the idea that has driven subject approach and the requirement to address the assessment of the ship stability is coming from numerous observations on losses of stability and capsizing of the ships. Though there are several regulations in force that all refer to the stability of the vessels, so many ships continue to loss their stability and capsize. The subjects elucidated within this volume represent parts of the works relating to the critical importance of the assessment of ship stability and fit into the complex research system relating to the intact stability of the vessels, and particularly to the failure modes and how the proper assessment of the stability might prevent the possible losses. Five chapters of the book provide the general information and provide the historical background and analysis, cover the failure modes including ones in the severe conditions, and shed some light on the possible improvement in the field.

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