Admiral Lord Keith and the Naval War Against Napoleon

Author(s)                 David McCranie
Publisher University Press of Florida
Date 2006
Pages 272
Format pdf
Size 2.8 Mb

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   Another interesting book about another prominent historical character, namely about Lord Keith, who was a famous Scottish Admiral serving His Majesty fleet and who ended his brilliant career by overseeing the surrender of the Napoleon's army in 1815. This person held almost every single important command and his story shows the history of the Navy during the times of fighting sail. The present publication is in fact the first monograph to be solely dedicated to the modern biography of this character who learned everything about the commanding naval battles and squadrons in the course of the American Revolution and commanded for fleets, namely the Channel fleet, the Mediterranean fleet, the North Sea fleet and the fleet of the Eastern Seas. Although he had never led any of the fleet under his command directly to the battle, this admiral was engaged in the support join operations with the Royal Navy of Britain together with the allied forces and managed to maintain command of the sea and to ensure the free passage of commerce at the same time, controlling more than two hundred of vessels. The book is documenting Admiral Keith's dealings with the text based on thousands of public and private records...

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