Admiralty Manual of Navigation - BR45(1)(1) - The Principles of Navigation

Author(s)                 Commander in Chief Fleet
Publisher British Crown
Date 2008
Pages 378 + 368
Format pdf
Size 201 Mb

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   The book is mainly dealing with the fundamental marine navigation principles, namely position/direction of planet's surface, publications and charts, aids to navigation, map Projections, anchoring bridge organization; it also addresses such important aspects of navigation as tides, ocean/coastal navigation, common navigational errors, hydrographic surveys, chartwork and relative velocity, tidal streams and others. The appendices contain the summaries of both spherical and plane trigonometry accompanied with the useful proofs of formulas etc. Despite the rapidly developing navigation technologies, the basic marine navigation principles still remain unchanged by the newly introduced equipment plus techniques, so the authors have designed the main content of their work so that it re-states all major underlying technical principles, meanwhile reflecting the latest methods. Marine navigation itself is the process of planning and subsequent executing the movement of marine vessels from one point to another. This set is made of two volumes, with the first one starting with position/direction of the surface, basic/more complex calculations used in sailing; it also provides readers with some intro to geodesy, gives information on grids and projections, provides some overview of publications/charts and chartwork etc.

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