Advances in Coastal and Ocean Engineering

Author(s)                 Philip L. F. Liu
Publisher World Scientific Pub Co Inc.
Date 1999
Pages 249
Format pdf
Size 10.1 Mb

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   Most of the planet's surface is covered by the ocean waters. Many of the important aspects of our day-to-day activities may easily be affected by the waves in one of another way. And sometimes the waves can result in disasters, such as the tsunami occurred in the Indian Ocean some years ago. This demonstrate how critical it is for the people to thoroughly understand the ocean waves paying particular attention to the large waves. One of the ways to get to this understanding is to conduct the numerical simulation on the basis of the non-linear theory. There have been several serious researches in this field in the past decades by the development of the different numerical methods and their application to the emerging problems; however, there has been no comprehensive volume that would reflect those advances. This book should bridge the subject gap. It consists of the eighteen self-contained chapters worked out by more than fifty professional authors from twelve different countries, with most of the authors being the world recognized experts in the field. The content of each chapter is mainly based on the researches conducted by the authors. Altogether the chapters of the book are dealing with the literally all numerical methods currently employed to the simulation of the non-linear water waves, covering most of the interesting and important applications.

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