Air Conditioning Principles and Systems

Author(s)                 Edward G. Pita P.E.
Publisher Prentice Hall
Date 2001
Pages 524
Format pdf
Size 19.9 Mb

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   We are presenting maybe the most popular and useful publication on air conditioning arrangements. Among the key improvements of this latest release of the volume we would definitely mention the expanded info on various relevant environmental problems, asbestos-related info, weather data and so many other improvements when compared to the previous edition. The text part of this volume is pretty good and understandable. The explanations are pretty straightforward but, at the same time, the author does not go too deep into the theory. The minimum of math has been used. It should be noted that the publication is exploring the very fundamental technical concepts of the air conditioning and the author explains them in quite clear and manner. The main focus has been made on the problems and practical examples that are commonly found on the job. The book includes the updated info on the design, associated calculations, equipment data. Some of the chapters are covering the main scope of air conditioning and its uses. The volume will be very useful for mechanical engineers providing consultations, professional HVAC engineers, designers of such systems, any personnel involved in the maintenance/repair of these systems, and, of course, the students and just any persons with the interest in the subject field.​

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