An Introduction to Electrical Science

Author(s)                 Adrian Waygood
Publisher Routledge
Date 2013
Pages 304
Format pdf
Size 18.2 Mb

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   The very original intention of Adrian Waygood, the author of the present publication on electrical engineering, was to provide all readers, mostly tradespersons and apprentices in the field of electrical technology, as well as any other persons who might require the proper knowledge of the electricity for their everyday work, with a basic intro to the electrical science. However, the author hopes that others, will also find this publication useful and interesting. Though there are so many books supporting the regulations and some practical aspects of electrical training existing in the industry, by necessity these books are actually unable to cover the electrical science in any depth. Therefore, we may say that there is a tendency for many persons to have quite a weak technical understanding of the electrical science. Moreover, even a very basic examination of the questions/answers on the relevant websites, reveals a huge number of misconceptions on the subject of electricity.. So, in fact these are the two areas that the author of this publication has tried to address, namely an improvement in the knowledge/understanding of the basics of the electrical science, and an attempt to eliminate most part of the above mentioned misconceptions that people do have about the present subject...

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