Anatomy of an Admiralty Model

Author(s)                 Robert Bruckshaw
Publisher Guideline Publications
Date 2001
Pages 122
Format pdf
Size 23.5 Mb

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   General information; The hull; Cannons; The shelf, scarfing of the beams; Dry docks; Uper deck, sources of bamboo, capstans, hookbulkheads, bending and molding, separating frames; Mounting cannons, catheads and tails, belfry; Gangways, portlids; Hinges, port wrigges, beakheads, Some thoughts about rigging; Boarding steps, stanchions for tops, proper rigging for catheads chesstrees; Lanterns, pilot weel, stern, figurehead; Masts; Rigging; Riggins and masting charts; Photos; Plans of the cannons.

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