Australian National Search and Rescue Manual

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Publisher AMSA
Date 2014
Pages 311
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   The ICAO and the IMO coordinate, on a global basis, member States' efforts to provide search and rescue services. The goal of these two international organizations is to provide an effective worldwide system, so that wherever people may be in danger, in the air or at sea, SAR services, will be available in case of necessity. Search and Rescue services are usually defined as the performance of distress monitoring, coordination, communication, and SAR functions, including provision of medical advice, assistance, or evacuation, through the use of both private and public, including cooperating ships, aircrafts, or any other inslattations and crafts. In providing assistance to persons in distress and to survivors of SAR incidents, member States shall do so regardless of the nationality or status of such a person or the circumstances in which that person is found. Under this global approach, Australia has taken responsibility for the coordination of SAR in the Australian Search and Rescue Region. JRCC Australia in Canberra is the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre responsible for the SRR. There are no designated rescue sub-centres (RSC) within the Australian SRR...

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