Basic Electrical Engineering

Author(s)                  C. L. Wadwha
Publisher New Age International Publishers
Date 200
Pages 405
Format pdf
Size 17 Mb

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   Here is the fourth, updated and revised, edition of the Basic Electrical Engineering. The book has been prepared with the specific intention of the authors to make a book that would serve as a good training course for virtually all engineering students of electronics, computer and mechanical engineering, communications, etc. With the very latest technological advancement in nearly all spheres of engineering, it is becoming too difficult to provide users with more than one slot for inter-disciplinary courses. However, the author of this publication feels that no engineering could work without electric energy, which is true. We all know that the basic input to all engineering is the electric energy, and that is why a basic course on Electrical Engineering theory is one of the essential studies for all engineering students. The opening chapter of the publication has been dedicated to the direct current circuits; it is followed by the chapter on the electromagnetic induction. The other chapters of the publication cover the alternate current circuits, network theory, three-phase supply, address some basic instruments, describe the theory, construction and operation of the transformers and DC machines, shed some light on the three-phase synchronous machines and induction motors, power systems, domestic wiring etc. There are numerous multiple choice questions provided in the closing chapter of the book to check your knowledge.​

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