Bearing Design in Machinery - Engineering Tribology and Lubrication

Author(s)                 Avraham Harnoy
Publisher CRC Press
Date 2002
Pages 664
Format pdf
Size 4 Mb

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   According to the reviews by the readers, this volume is dealing with nearly every imaginable types of bearing, together with their lubricants etc., it is remarkably easy-to-follow and comprehensive. Avraham Hansoy, the author of the book, has managed to provide the coverage of all basic principles of the selection and design of the bearings, as well as of the tribology; he has also discussed the fundamental physical principles of selection and lubrication of the bearings, paying particular attention to the design computations, some of the advanced materials used for the fabrication of the bearings, arrangement and housing of the bearings, seals and other important aspects, including the very latest technical developments in bearings for the high-speed engines. He has been exploring the unique technical solutions to challenge in the bearing design problems and has presented quite rare but important case studies, for example the hydrodynamic bearings and rolling-element bearings arranged in series, together with the adjustable hydrostatic pads used in the larger bearings. The author has also focused on the design considerations and associated calculations that are considered specific to the journal bearings, rolling-element and hydrostatic bearings. In short, the content of the present volume will be very useful for any person involved in design of the bearings regardless of their type.

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