breaking ocean waves
Eugene Sharkov
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   The ocean surface has been attracted the attention of people from the very beginning of our history. The breaking of the very large oceanic waves has a really hypnotic effect on human beings who are observing this truly magnificent phenomenon. These natural processes have always been the popular themes in painting, literature, and mosaic, and very few people managed to remain indifferent to this greatness of nature. The publication is representing the comprehensive and understandable descriptions of various physical findings of the research done in the spatio-temporal characteristics of the waves gravity as well as of the foam activity in the open sea using the tools of microwave and optical sensing. The main emphasis has been placed by the author on the most important physical aspects of the breaking processes required to measure the limitations and possibilities of remote sensing instruments is some specific cases. The author has also provided numerous informative illustrations from the experiments for better understanding of this complex phenomena. It shall be noted that the statistical characteristics of the ocean wave breaking and foam that is forming, are considered critically important to the dynamics of the ocean waves. An excellent study and valuable work on one of the most interesting topics in the field of marine science.

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