Bridge Procedures - Bridge Watchkeeping.


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The work of the navigating offices goes on winter and summer, day and night, in calm weather and in storm. This applies equally whether engaged in passage planning, taking the watch or entering or leaving confined waters. It is a critical work as over eighty percent of insured losses due to collision, grounding or contact damage, are set to arise from human error. This program examined the work of the officer on the watch during watchkeeping. Any shipping casualty, whether it is by grounding, collision or fire, represents an enormous cost to the maritime community. In addition to the possible losses and environmental damage, all other factors involved affect all ships. However, most shipping casualties are actually avoidable. Analysis of statistics shows that up to eighty percent of losses are due to human error and that often means bridgekeeping error. Bridge watchkeeping is deservedly considered one of the critically important activities on board of ship at sea. While on watch, the responsibility for safety and security of the vessel and all people on board is on the watchkeeping officer. This task requires good training, high standard of skills, and effective time management. The rime task of the watchkeeping officer is to ensure that the vessel is never in a position of uncontrollable risk. This means always knowing the ship's situation and keeping a good lookout at all times...

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