Bridge Procedures - Working With VTS.


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As an extension to the areas covered by the other parts of the present video training program, this video film examined the key principles involved in working with the VTS. While approaching or leaving a port, the onboard management team need to interact with many shore-based organizations. If their own management style is synergistic, this may eliminate difficulties in including the additional temporary members into the team. This will ease everyone's workload and contribute to the more efficient and incident-free turnaround. One of the most important for the shore based authorities is the VTS, standing for the vessel traffic service. On board, the pilot serves as a link between the VTS and the vessel; however, the ship's responsible officers must be ready to deal with the VTS should a need for that arise. Both the VTS operator and the ship's officer have the qualities they can bring to the task. Those on board know the ship and it's characteristics, they know the crew, they know detailed plan for the immediate future; but they do not often have a global view of the traffic situation. The advantages of the VTS operators are that they do see the overall picture and everything that is happening in the port, they know the schedules and intention of the ships, they know the area very well and are aware of the capabilities of the availability of the shore-based services, including emergency services, and also know how to contact them...

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