BS EN 10079 1993 - Definition of Steel Products


 Publisher BS EN
 Date 1999 (re-print)
 Pages 36
 Format pdf
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The present British Standard no. BS EN 10079:1993 fully dedicated to the popular definitions that are applicable to the various steel products, and superseding the previous version BS 6562-1:1986. For Normative references refer to the Annex A & B. Steel in the liquid state ready for pouring and obtained from the melting of raw material. A distinction is made between following: — liquid steel for pouring into ingot moulds or for continuous casting; — liquid steel for castings. Here is the arrangement of this document: scope - normative references - liquid steel - ingots and semi-finished products - flat and long products - other products - steel products and associated standards - references, etc. There is a brief trilingual vocabulary provided - it allows reader to find get the terms translated from English to German and French languages. There is a number of figures for illustration, such as the illustration of typical profile sheet and of typical sandwich panel, typical sheet piling, typical bearing piling, typical mining frame sections, typical heavy sections etc. Apart from that, numerous links have been provided to some other standards. Highly recommended regulatory paper for everyone wishing to have the idea of the European nomenclature of the steel products.

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