Carlsons Marine Raiders - Makin Island 1942

Author(s)                 Gordon Rottman
Publisher Osprey Publishing Ltd.
date 2014
Pages 80
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   In 1942 the US were battling trying to change the course of the Pacific War. Several months after the Japanese attacked the Pearl Harbor, the American nation had undertaken staggering blows, namely the loss of the Wake Island and Guam, together with the surrender of the Corregidor Islands and fall of the Philippines. The BC, i.e. British Commonwealth, suffered the equally disastrous losses throughout the entire geographical region; in addition to that, the Dutch East Indies featuring really vast natural resources, fell under the control of Japanese army. It was the year 1942 when the Japanese conquest reached the fullest extent. Since the road back was expected to be extremely difficult, Americans had to use the every single opportunity to inflict the damage. In 1942 they launched the Doolittle bomber which inflicted not too much of the real damage on Tokyo; this, however, proved to be a truly morale boost to the whole American nation. Even before the fall of the Philippines, the defense forces of America started to occupy the South Pacific islands not yet occupied by the Japanese who have originally intended to proceed with their conquests across the South Pacific. The strategy of the Japanese forces was to starts with the Midway and then move to Fiji, Samoa and New Caledonia, that were all defended by the Allied forces...

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