celestial navigation by H. O. 249
John E. Milligan
Cornell Maritime Press
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    This is a basic publications released to introduce the beginners to the navigational tools and vocabulary as well as to the established and effective celestial navigation techniques. In the list of the recommended navigational instruments are the H. O. 259 tables which are in a very wide use among the amateur marine navigators owing to their simplicity and ease of use. In fact, there are no pre-requisites for using this book - the readers are only expected to be able to read, add/subtract, understand the angles and know how to use the protractor. Al sailors will for sure enjoy this volume, regardless of their experience - the content of this classic book will definitely be equally useful and interesting to everyone from armchair-navigators to the racers and circumnavigators. The celestial navigation, i.e. steering by the stars is the art perfected by the seafarers of ancient Polynesia navigating over thousand years before Europeans. The book covers all important aspects of celestial navigation, including required equipment, language and taking a sight, line of position and plotting it, fix, determining the latitude, moon and starts, three-star fix, start finding, polishing the celestial navigation skills etc. Three appendices presented at the end provide readers with the table of formulas, and list of abbreviations and symbols commonly used in celestial navigation.

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