Centrifugal and Rotary Pumps Fundamentals with Applications


Lev Nelik
 Publisher CRC Press
 Date 1999
 Pages 134
 Format pdf
 Size 4.3 Mb

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This interesting and practical volume has been intended to cover both types of pumps, namely rotary and centrifugal pumps, and offer the learners of engineering and, in fact, all of the involved industry participants a concise yet enough detailed reference tool touching all aspects of the design, technical performance, and main operating principles of the different types of pumps. The author has made a brilliant attempt to address all areas, starting from the brief historical overview and to the very latest developments and recent technological trends, focusing primarily on the information that would bear the practicality and applicability to the real-world situations, as well as to the techniques that the users could implement immediately. The text part starts with the chapters providing readers with some fundamental technical knowledge required to understand how pumps are working. Then, there are some illustrative and informative practical case studies that address the pumpage, pump system interaction, applications, reliability of the pumps, together with the popular practical solutions proven effective, failure analysis methods etc. This truly comprehensive title also includes the critical specification parameters and applicable criteria for various types of pumps. The materials provided in the volume will definitely be of great practical use to all members of the maintenance staff.

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