Coastal Forces At War - The Royal Navy's Little Ships in the Narrow Seas 1939-45

Author(s)                 David Jefferson
Publisher Haynes Publishing
Date 2009
Pages 256
Format pdf
Size 71 Mb

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   I joined MTBs early in January 1940 and then spent nearly seven years either in the boats or on the staff or in the Admiralty, doing jobs connected with Coastal Forces After I was invalided out of the Royal Navy in 1956, I spent more than 20 years working for Vosper, one of the major designers and builders of small, fast warships. So I have been involved with Coastal Forces for much of my working life, and I have, naturally, a special affection for these warships, and some knowledge of them and their history. For a naval officer, the main attraction of small ships is the marvelous opportunity which they give for command at a young age. For both officers and men there is also the sense of belonging to a team, living in close company, and with everyone playing an important part. A worked-up, efficient Coastal Force craft in wartime was a really very special team of shipmates and friends. Since Peter Scott wrote his excellent Battle of the Narrow Seas in 1945, there have been a number of books published describing the boats, the people, and the battles. Some have been good, and some less so - but every accurate history is valuable in helping to keep the record straight for the future. David Jefferson has written an excellent and well-researched record, which is specially valuable in that it includes a number of pieces of the story which have been little reported elsewhere, in particular regarding the landing of agents and small raiding units in Brittany and other places, mainly by the 15th MTB Flotilla, and the story of the return of the 1st MTB Flotilla from Malta to the UK through the canals of France late in 1939. I commend this book to everyone who is interested in the story of Coastal Forces.

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