Corrosion Risk Assessment and Safety Management for Offshore Processement Facilities download free book, maritime, oil, gas, exploration


Dr. J. Dawson, K. Bruce, Dr. D. G. John
 Publisher Capcis Limited
 Date 2001
 Pages 60
 Format pdf
 Size 0.6 Mb

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Corrosion is something generally accepted by all participants of the offshore industry as the critically important issue. This report is mainly dealing with the technical developments of the top-level corrosion strategy specifically worked out for all topside processing facilities located offshore. The associated project has been originally conceived as a fundamental and route study conducted to establish the basic requirements relating to the assessment/management of the corrosion risks related to the production of the oilfields and equipment used for the transportation of the oil. The underlying objective throughout this work was proper identification of requirements for the guidelines combining the best industry practices from the HSE, corrosion and also the asset integrity management. The approach adopted tasks consider the relevant offshore regulations together with the risk control systems. The main summary of this work was that development of the corrosion risk guidelines was quite feasible and would definitely be welcomed by the offshore industry. Corrosion itself is a serious life-limiting factor causing the deterioration of the offshore structures by general wastage and pitting/cracking leading directly to the loss of containment of the processing fluids...

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