Deepwater Petroleum Exploration and Production - A Nontechnical Guide

Author(s)                 William L. Leffler, Richard Pattarozzi, Gordon Sterling
Publisher PennWell Corporation
Date 2011
Pages 275
Format pdf
Size 24.5 Mb

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   As with any foray into a new frontier, history and innovation have been happening almost every day since our first edition's publication date. As in the first edition, our first two chapters of the book will bring you from the first geologic toe-in-the-water in California more than hundred years ago to stepping off the Outer Continental Shelf of the Gulf of Mexico into thousands of feet of water. That journey is just the prelude to understanding present and even future deepwater operations. To complete the setting, this edition adds a new complete chapter on geology and geophysics. To pull this off, we asked four accomplished scientists in the field, Stephen Sears, Fred Keller, Tim Garfield, and Mike Forrest, all with decades of experience with large exploration and production (E&P) organizations, to contribute chapter 3. The processes for exploring, developing, and producing petroleum in the deepwater are about the same as for the shelf or, really, the onshore. From the outside, just four steps take place—explore, appraise, develop, and produce. From the inside, each of these processes takes many more steps, depending on how closely we look. And we look closer in chapters 4 through 13, even more closely than in the first edition. We have added other new chapters on the drilling rigs and service vessels used in the deepwater...

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