Design and Operation of Bulk Carriers

Author(s)                 RINA
Publisher The Royal Institution of Naval Architects
Date 2009
Pages 765
Format pdf
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   Proceedings of the RINA conference on design & operation of the bulk carriers that was held in 2009. The publication starts with the hull integrity management and covers the best established practices for maintenance of subject type of vessels, including vetting trends. We understand that the bulk carriers live very stressful lives since they are not as robust and strong as most of the people might think, and at the same tome safe and efficient bulk carrier may only be obtained if all the ship designers and constructors, maintenance and management teams performed their duties in a proper manner. The documents included in this compilation deal with such interesting topics as regulatory and operational challenges applicable to the bulk carriers, design and operation of bulk carriers, monitoring and maintaining ballast tank condition in vessels that are laid-up, special fatigue analysis, best practices for technical maintenance, double bottom height effect, reliability of the hull girder including challenges and possible solutions, economic and environment-friendly solutions for electric drives for the side-rolling hatch covers, predictor-corrector system for health monitoring of the structure of the hull, applicable IMO performance standards, spectral fatigue analysis etc.

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