Design Rules for Actuators in Active Mechanical Systems

Author(s)                 Oriol Gomis-Bellmunt, Lucio Flavio Campanile
Publisher Springer
Date 2010
Pages 205
Format pdf
Size 11.1 Mb

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   The present publication deals with the formulating of the various model-based rules of design for the proper conception of both adaptronic/mechatronic systems; it is addressing the comparison of actuator classes for the particular real-life applications and is also offering correct answers to the FAQs. The readers will definitely get the due understanding of all relationships there between the geometry of the actuator and quantities of the primary outputs, how scalable could be the actuators that are basing on the same principle, how are the output quantities that are relating to the geometry and to mechanical load, etc. The active mechanical systems, including structures and mechanisms, it is increasingly important to consider the coupling between passive/active elements of the mechanical systems at the earliest possible stages of the design. That is the reason why it is considered really necessary to establish the reliable models of performance of the actuators as functions of the key design parameters/variables for integration of the actuators in the preliminary procedures and using the optimization approach. This publication is expected to be very useful to all professionals of the industry, for example designers of actuators and machines.​

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