Destroyers At Normandy - Naval Gunfire Support at Omaha Beach

Author(s)                 William B. Kirkland
Publisher Pickle Partners Publishing
Date 2015
Pages 100
Format pdf
Size 2 Mb

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   This monograph prepared by William Kirkland was specifically published to provide all interested parties with the first hand information relating to the Destroyer Squadron 18 which participated in the critically important naval battle upon which the overall success of the Europe campaign depended. The experience at Omaha Beach could be viewed as typical of most United States naval ships that were engaged at Normandy. From the other side, it appears quite clear from the thorough research conducted by the author, that this squadron together with the British counterparts, had a major influence on the breakout and the overall success of the naval campaign that followed and realized. Subject contributions have certainly provided a sound basis for the discussion to be held among the veterans of that war and for the future researches to be performed by the war historians, and also as a professional account of the naval actions supporting the Normandy landings. The story told by the author reports on the events that took place at the Omaha Beach as they were seen from the ashore/afloat and illuminated by the eyewitnesses. The main declared objective of this report was to intimate the relationships between the soldiers of both First and Twenty-Ninth Divisions that really helped make that glorious victory possible.

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