Electric Motors and Drives - Fundamentals, Types, and Applications

Author(s)                 Austin Hughes, Bill Drury
Publisher Elsevier
Date 2013
Pages 440
Format pdf
Size 9.9 Mb

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   The publication is aimed at non-specialists using the electric motors/drives, and it was released to fill the gap that is there between the theory-based academic books and a bit more prosaic 'handbooks' providing useful detail but giving little to not opportunity for the real understanding and development of insight. It addresses nearly all modern types of motors/drives, including both conventional and brushless direct current induction motors plus servo drives. The present third edition of the book includes numerous examples and diagrams; moreover, there are so many new topics covering the material that has not been included in the second release of the publication. The authors used a minimum of mathematics in order to make the book easy to use and make the material easy to understand to all groups of readers. The material and data provided in the book are up-to-date and will be useful to OEM designers, electricians, users of the electrical equipment, maintenance and repair personnel who are involved in making decisions. Anyone who spends some time on this book will get a truly comprehensive understanding of the subject. We would say that it is an excellent technical book and maybe even one of the best books on electrical motors and drives available today. Though the material has been presented in a very understandable manner, the publication retains its technical soundness.

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