Electrical Transmission And Distribution Reference Book

Author(s)                 Central Station Engineers of the WEC
Publisher Westinghouse Electric Corporation
Date 1964
Pages 824
Format pdf
Size 86.3 Mb

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   Here is the truly must-have reference for any electrical engineer. We would treat this publication as the power system engineering classic. The book was prepared by the professional practicing electrical engineers that were considered the recognized industry experts. This reference book covers all relevant power generation aspects as well as transmission/distribution of the electric power. This publication starts with the sections describing and discussing the basic characteristics of the power system, such as the overhead lines and cable, reactors, transformers, symmetrical components etc. Then the authors move to the calculations and various applications including regulation of the electric power regulation and possible losses, stability and relaying issues, distribution system, protection from lightning, steady state performance etc. Though published quite a long time ago, the book remains very actual since the basic design and equipment of the power systems are in operation and did not change fundamentally, so all the information provided in the book can be considered current; note that it is quite difficult to find any new technical reference sources that would be readable and practical...

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