Electrically Insulated Bearings from SKF

Author(s)                 SKF Group
Publisher SKF Group
Date 2006
Pages 12
Format pdf
Size 1 Mb

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   The list of topics addressed within this official SKF document include the virtual elimination of damage effects from the stray electric currents together with the associated bearing damage plus the cost-effective solutions, recommended range and INSOCOAT bearing designs, important technical features and benefits, dimensions of the bearings, fits and tolerances, internal clearances and cages, various electrical properties, components design, hybrid bearings... When the bearings are used to provide a path for the strayed current in the motors to the ground, it can get damaged. Among the top causes of the electric stray currents we shall note the asymmetry in the magnetic circuits of the motors, fast switching PWM frequency converters in the modern VFDs and unshielded electric power cables...

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