Elements of Electrical Engineering

Author(s) U. A. Bakshi, V. U. Bakshi
Publisher Technical Publications Pune
Date 2010
Pages 507
Format pdf
Size 22 Mb







An excellent textbook providing readers with the introduction to electrical engineering. The book starts with the chapter on direct current circuits covering the structure of matter and concept of charge, EMF and current, charge-current relation, resistance, resistivity and conductivity, RTC, electrical networks, their classification and relevant terminology, sources of energy, open and short circuits, Ohm's Law, voltage and current division in series/parallel circuits of resistors, Kirchhoff's Laws and Cramer's Rule, loop current concept, delta and star connections etc.

In short, the other chapters of the textbook are dealing with the electrostatics and capacitance including relevant laws, electric flux, permittivity, capacitance, potential gradient etc., electromagnetics covering magnet and its properties, magnetic field, magnetic flux, permeability, reluctance, MMF, permeance and magnetic circuits etc., fundamentals of alternate current circuits, their advantages and types of alternate current waveforms, single phase and three phase circuits.

There are also chapters devoted to the batteries and cables addressing types of cells and terminology used, capacity and efficiency of the batteries, their charging etc., electrical wiring including requirements and procedures for installation and testing, illumination, protective devices, necessary safety precautions to be in place, and other information.

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