Engineering Dynamics - From the Lagrangian to Simulation

Author(s)                 Roger F. Gans
Publisher Springer
Date 2013
Pages 267
Format pdf
Size 3.7 Mb

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   This nice textbook has been mainly aimed at the students in various fields of the mechanical engineering, and especially ones at the beginner-graduate level, plus in other engineering disciplines, who are trying to get some proper training in dynamics applied to the engineering mechanisms. In his publication Roger Hans has introduced the formal math development of the Lagranjan mechanics, together with the corollaries, solving several engineering applications. His initial goal was to ingrain a due technical understanding of the fundamental physics that is actually required for the engineering dynamics, providing, in the meantime, the working algorithm to be used for the simulation of various engineering mechanisms, for example robots. The volume is pretty self-contained and this approach has made it readily available and useful for all practicing engineers with the interest in this area. The author has made the materials that are contained in this volume very accessible to the broadest possible auditors using many solved examples plus diagrams applying the main addressed principles to the real life engineering applications. The Lagranjan mechanics has been discussed straight in the context of the engineering applications. The content of this book also includes numerous supplementary materials included for easier understanding of the theoretical part.​

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