Engineering Mechanics and Design Applications


Atila Ertas
 Publisher CRC Press
 Date 2011
 Pages 343
 Format pdf
 Size 7.3 Mb

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In the last years, the increasing number of the complex problems has required much more technical knowledge  be possessed by the engineers to be able to address and mitigate them. Such problems include but are not limited to the design of various engineering systems and subsystems, their design/re-design and interaction of other systems. The present publication by Atila Ertas presents readers the fundamental concepts of the mechanical engineering in the context of the design process, providing all of them, and especially non-mechanical engineers, with the required knowledge and understanding of the most important mechanical aspects of a project, thus making the collaboration in transdisciplinary teams a bit easier. The author as managed to combine in a single volume the statics and dynamics, together with the vibration and material strength, offering a practical reference for design. The book starts with the comprehensive overview of the PtD, standing for the "prevention through design", giving an idea of the occupational HSE needs and presents the condensed introduction to the engineering statics and dynamics, failure theories and various dynamic loadings. The content also includes numerous real-life examples of the design and analysis together with the practical applications demonstrating how exactly the transdisciplinary knowledge could be applied in practice. The book shall be suitable for the students willing to understand the basics of engineering mechanics, as well as the professionals in the industry.

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