This book is specifically aimed to those who have been studying the English language for years but still do not feel comfortable when speaking and writing, experiencing problems with pronunciation and even reading texts. Note that it is quite normal to have such difficulties at the start - you only have to use some other, more effective methods of studying English, and this publication will definitely help you with this.

Just follow all the instructions provided by the author of this publication, and you will speak English like a native speaker, and it will not take you more than about six months to achieve this goal. The book will help you to speak the language without having to translate it first, will let you build a good vocabulary; your grammar skills will get much better without making you memorize numerous complicated grammar rules, and pronunciation will significantly improve.

You will speak naturally, fluently, effectively. the approach used by the author is very effective in gaining fluency. The book is full of valuable tips to learn the language. It is very well written and easy to understand and follow- the method of learning is truly unique and this is what made the book so popular.

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By using the training materials contained in this book by Nick Brieger, the students will become much more accurate and appropriate to in technical contexts. The book can be used either for self-study or in the classroom. It has many chapters covering most of the grammar areas and a number of exercises.

The glossary contained at the end of the publication will assist the reader in understanding any phrases and words new for them. All materials included in the book are of very high quality and informative while the layout of the publication is pretty simple making it very easy to use. The typography used by the author is tidy; in total, the book itself shows the attention paid by the author to the details.

The customers have considered this book very useful and practical reference work suitable for both classroom training and self-study. Among the topics covered in the book there are production, development and research, engineering, health and safety aspects, logistics, construction, chemical engineering, energy and petroleum engineering, telecommunications and information technology, electrics and electronics, minings, plastics etc. - these all are contained in the first part of the book while the second part is dedicated purely to the grammar rules. 

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Brief contents as below - General Terms - Multimodal Transport; Combined Transport; Road-Rail Transport; Accompanied and Unaccompanied Combined Transport; Roll-On Roll-Off; Lift-On Lift-Off; Feeder Service; Logistics; Short Sea Shipping; Consignment; Limit of Liability; Combined Transport Actors - Shipper/Consignor/Sender; Forward Agent/Freight Forwarder; Consignee; Transport Operator/Carrier; Actual Carrier/Subcontractor; Principal; Multimodal Transport Operator; Transport Units - Articulated Vehicle; Road Train; Trailer; Semi-Trailer; Pocket, "Basket", "Spine", Low Floor, Rolling-Road, Double Stack Wagons; Bimodal Semi-Trailer; Panamax; Overpanamax; Loading Units - Intermodal Transport Unit; Container; Land Container; Maritime Container; Air Container; High and Super High Cube Container; TEU; Swap Body; Stacking; Stuffing/Stripping; Corner Fitting; Twistlock; Tara; The Unit Load - Palette; "Big Bag"; Infrastructure and Equipment - Terminal; Logistic Center; Hub; Freeport; Dry Port; Rail Loading Gauge; Track Gauge; Loading Gauge; Private Siding; Crane; Gantry Crane; Straddle Carrier; Reach Stacker; Fort Lift Truck; Ro-Ro Ramp; Spreader.

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A course in spoken English language may be presented in either "what to say" or "how to say" form. As a rule, the first of the forms usually focuses on English conversation and teaches how to ask questions, get things done, make requests, express greetings, apologies, farewells, thanks, etc. And the "how to say" form of course deals mostly with English pronunciation and aims to teach the reader the proper pronunciation of English words, phrases and sentences.

Most of the books on spoken English belong to one or the other of these two kinds. This publication, however, deals with spoken English language in both aspects at the same time. This book consists of twenty units, with each of them beginning with a conversation or dialogue - they are to be read carefully by the students before proceeding to the main material of the unit. In fact, this publication is mainly addressed to the students of English who are familiar with the general structure of this language but experience difficulties with communication, and speaking in particular.

No other pre-qualification is required. The aim of this volume is to improve the pronunciation of the learners as well as their colloquial usage making it a bit easier for them to communicate effectively.

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A good reference developed by the specialists of the Dalian University. The document has been specifically prepared to provide some assistance to the people dealing with the shipbuilding and repair activities and experiencing serious difficulties with the English grammar and ship terminology. The content of the book is bi-lingual and presented in English and Chinese languages.

The information has been arranged in seven major chapters, and each chapter consists of two parts - "sentences" and "reading materials". The book opens with the chapter dedicated to the repairs done to the ship's hull including repair lists, dry-docking of the vessels, derusting, painting, repair works, general conditions, typical specifications and associated costs. The second chapter covers the docking engineering, talking about the repair lists, chains, propellers, shafting arrangements, rudders, valves, hull coatings, CPP, shaft bearings, thrust blocks, steering gear, cavitation and many other aspects.

The third chapter addresses the ship machinery repair, covering the machinery failures, relevant technical requirements, shipyards, inspection and repair of the diesel engines, operation of the ship's main engine, checks and acceptance, installation, operation and maintenance of the diesel engines, pumping arrangements, refrigeration machinery, propulsors, deck machinery etc. The last three chapters are covering the electrical equipment installed on board, safety of the ship repair works, and various real application examples.

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This training file was produced by the recognized professionals of the Marine Engineering Department of the world recognized entity. It is intended to assist the members of the ship crew and marine students in improving their maritime English skills. The publication consists of the five main parts.

The first part, General Information on Ships, is mainly introductory and provides descriptions of vessels and their parts and ship nomenclature. In the second part of the book the descriptions of the main ship types are provided - bulk carriers, container vessels, oil tankers, chemical tankers, reefer ships, Ro-Ro ships, coasters (coastal trading vessels), heavy-lift vessels, general cargo ships, cruise ships, ferries, yachts, tugboats, offshore supply ships, crane ships, cable vessels, aircraft carriers, destroyers, corvettes, frigates, cruisers and even submarines.

The next section is dedicated to the movements of ships at sea and degree of freedom - heave/pitch/surge/sway/yaw/roll. This part is, in turn, followed by the one addressing crew rules and routine activities. Finally, the closing section of the publication is mainly dedicated to the engine room watchkeeping. Have a look into this book and we do promise that it will help you to make your marine English better.

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One of the most popular ESL books specially designed and released for busy people willing to improve their English skills. Use this book and you will be familiar with the most important and useful expressions to be used in your everyday life. The book contains a huge number of informative cartoons to show readers how each of the expressions is used in various everyday life situations.

In addition to that, two examples are supplementing each expression included in the book. There are also more than fifty interesting crossword puzzles. The book can be used for self-study or serve as a supplemental source for EFL/ESL classroom training. The format of the publication makes the process of learning English phrases and expressions funny. All of the explanation provided by the authors are very concise and clear. The guide contains more or less all expressions required for the everyday life.

The language used is very simple and easily understandable even for the beginner students. The readers will definitely be excited with the way material has been presented in this book and will f course find this guide practical and useful. The training process will be very smooth and pleasant if you use this guide.

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The present training set is made of two books supplemented with the audio CD. This "Technical English" training course was developed and released by Longman professionals and addresses not only the grammar itself, but also the pronunciation providing users with the numerous recorded examples. The course has four levels and is aimed specifically at the students in both technical and vocational educational entities; moreover, it will suit the employees of the companies for use during their internal training.

The present course is covering the core English language and the important skills that all learners require to possess to be able to successfully communicate in all industrial and technical specializations. All technical concepts that have been dealt with in this course have been presented very clearly, using various motivating texts and supplementary clear and informative illustrations. The topics covered within the course are reflecting the very latest technological developments and are all relevant to learners' needs.

The grammar is regularly practiced; note that there is a comprehensive grammar summary chapter included in the course. Just try this course and you will see how your grammar skills improve, or use the material provided in the course to refresh the knowledge of the grammar rules; note that in all cases you will get to much better pronunciation.

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