Improving Your Written English

   Here is another book on the grammar of English language, this one is particularly focusing on students of English who are experiencing serious difficulties with spelling and punctuation and, in addition, to learners having problems when filling in various papers and forms, and writing letters. The book will of course be of great help to them, assisting in improving the standards of their written English language. The publication has been prepared and written in a very understandable manner, initially designed to be used by any person, including students, workers and other categories, and it will definitely serve as a very valuable source of information. The arrangement of the book makes it very easy to follow; note that the training material provided in the book has been supplemented with numerous of examples. Each of the sections contains some practical material providing the readers with the a chance to practice what they have learnt. The opening chapter of the book addresses the basic punctuation rules and covers the parts of speech and demonstrate their proper uses. In the meantime, the second part of the publication will show readers how to use the first part and put it into practice. The publication also includes numerous sections dealing with writing reports and essays, summarizing and plotting short stories...

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Talk English - The Secret to Speak English Like a Native in 6 Months for Busy People

   This book is specifically aimed to those who have been studying the English language for years but still do not feel comfortable when speaking and writing, experiencing problems with pronunciation and even reading texts. Note that it is quite normal to have such difficulties at the start - you only have to use some other, more effective methods of studying English, and this publication will definitely help you with this. Just follow all the instructions provided by the author of this publication, and you will speak English like a native speaker, and it will not take you more than about six months to achieve this goal. The book will help you to speak the language without having to translate it first, will let you build a good vocabulary; your grammar skills will get much better without making you memorize numerous complicated grammar rules, and pronunciation will significantly improve. You will speak naturally, fluently, effectively. the approach used by the author is very effective in gaining fluency. The book is full of valuable tips to learn the language. It is very well written and easy to understand and follow- the method of learning is truly unique and this is what made the book so popular.

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Glossary of Shipping Terms

   A nice and remarkably informative publication prepared and officially released by the specialists of Maritime Administration of the United States. The intention of the team of the authors was to provide everyone involved in the maritime industry with the good reference source that could be used when communicating, writing various letters, preparing formal technical documentation etc. related to shipping. We do believe that is needless to say that the information included in this book will be very valuable for ship owners and crew members, ship agents, marine surveyors, insurance agents, port state control officers and other industry professionals. The authors have carefully checked myriads of marine terms to select the most relevant and important terms and to include them in the present Glossary. It should definitely be mentioned that, apart from the glossary itself, this book contains detailed list of United States flag carriers supplemented with the addresses and telephone numbers. We would recommend this publication to anyone willing to improve their knowledge of the maritime terminology. This is the must-have publication that has to be readily available at any time for quick reference.

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Reading & Writing

   The present book belongs to the popular "English for Academic Study" series and is the excellent collection of English texts intended to be used by learners of language as a good reference source when preparing for the demands of both under- and postgraduate study. This latest and completely revised edition of the publication could be used for self study or for the classroom training. The booklet would for sure be quite useful to all students who wish to develop their reading and writing since it contains so many authentic and up-t-o-date texts; and each of the texts covers one topical and interesting issue. The texts that have been selected and included in this publication are all of reasonable length and difficulty level. Apart from the opening introductory chapter, the topics covered in the book include the academic achievement, early human development, telemedicine, the environment today, the new linguistic order, and others. This perfect compilation of texts may be recommended to everyone who are working on their reading/writing skills; we would definitely suggest they take some time going through the training material provided herein. Of course, it will also be very useful for those willing to build their vocabulary including specific terminology.

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An Introduction to the Grammar of English

   This grammar book offers its readers the truly excellent explanations of grammatical terminology. The author has formatted the publication in a very reader-friendly manner making it so easy and interesting to use. It may be considered a fully adequate textbook. This edition of the book in the second one, it has been completely revised and updated, taking into account the input from the readers of the first release, their notes and recommendations. The publication has been significantly expanded and now includes much more texts and example sentences, cartoons and exercises. The intention of the author was to introduce the very basic grammar concepts in a way that would inspire the readers of the book and learners of English language to use the linguistic arguments. The book is mainly focusing on the syntactic analysis and evidence. It has been prepared for students of undergraduate level but will of course be very useful to students of any other level and even for the self-studying. A good and comprehensive glossary of the grammar terms is also there in the book. The keys have been provided to each of the exercises and sample exams, to control the learning process and for better tracking of the progress.

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Oxford Guide to Effective Writing & Speaking

   Here is a popular essential guide aimed to anyone willing to communicate in max effective and clear English language. The guide has been organized very clearly and consists of four major sections. The first section has been named "Communicating in everyday life", and it covers numerous examples of communications including preparing e-mail messages, various reports and presentations. The second section - "Getting your message across" - is mainly focusing on the most important factors like time, purpose and subject. The third section - "Communication tools" - provides valuable information on the grammar and vocabulary, punctuation and spelling to make sure that the communication is kept as accurate as it is possible. Finally, the last fourth section of the book, named "The process of writing", as it is implied by the title, looks at what is involved there in preparation of longer written pieces, including drafting and planning, summaries, editing, research and presentation. The publication is full of so useful practical guidance, exercises with keys and other informative supplementary materials. It is considered one of the best and most comprehensive grammar guides to using English for effective communication. We would also underline that the layout and arrangement of the book makes it nearly ideal for use everywhere - it will guide the reader step-by-step through all important aspects of speaking and writing. 

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English for the Merchant Marine

   As it is clear from the title of this book, it is mainly intended for mariners and other participants of the maritime industry who are willing to improve their maritime English skills. It is quite obvious that all people involved in any sort of shipping-related activities, such as maintenance and handling of vessels, ship management, marine surveys, port state control inspections, cargo handling, etc. - they all have to have a very good knowledge of the maritime English in order to perform their professional duties. The training material provided in this book has been divided into major parts. The first part has been named "Merchant vessels" and it addresses the general info on the ships, their construction, machinery, outfitting, safe navigation issues, classification societies etc. The second part, "Safety at sea" deals with the safety of the crew, seaworthiness of the ship, lifesaving appliances, IMO and other maritime entities. There is also a Glossary in the book, contained in its last third part and providing readers with various important forms of shipping documents, informative illustrations, instructions to be followed by the officers, recognized international standards and other information. This book will be useful to any merchant mariner or even a member of shore support team.

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Basic Grammar and Usage

   Here is the very latest eighth release of the popular grammar book compiled by the grammar expert  Penelope Choy. It continues to provide readers with clear and understandable explanations of the important grammar rules supplemented with the numerous informative examples for better and easier understanding of the text. It will be advantageous to use this book for preparation to the GMAT examination as it allows users to quickly review all the grammar rules. The book will be perfect source for everyone and relates to every learner of English. It could easily and effectively be used for self-study or in the classroom, and will also be useful for the teachers. Throughout almost thirty years and all previous releases, this grammar book has proven to be very reader-friendly, making the training very easy and interesting; the students will definitely enjoy the whole process of learning English when this book is used. In general, the format of all previous editions has been preserved. The content of the book is divided into seven major units, each of them being provided with two exercises. Subject units cover the indentifying of verbs and subjects, punctuation, subject-verb agreement, usage of pronouns, paragraphs, capitalization and so many other valuable information.

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