Fitness-for-Service and Integrity of Piping, Vessels, and Tanks

Author(s)                 George Antaki
Publisher McGraw-Hill
Date 2005
Pages 456
Format pdf
Size 64.2 Mb

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   The book is designed to provide necessary instructions on the recommended practices outlines in the latest release of ASME Code and relating to the inspection of the pressure vessels and piping arrangements, their evaluation and monitoring. The publication will annotate and explain the content of the Code and inspection/fitness-for-service practices of API. The information in the book has been presented in a very clear and precise manner making in readable even for the non-professionals in the industry; this publication shall definitely be considered a truly comprehensive guidance explaining how exactly the stress analysis, construction materials, established engineering practices and NDT inspection could affect the fitness of the pressure vessels and piping for their intended service. In fact, it is a thorough exploration of the failures occurring to the tanks, piping and vessels done through the perspective of an engineer, meaning that it will need to be usable and user-friendly enough to come to the correct run-or-repair decision. It will provide readers with the due understanding of why the above mentioned equipment may fail, when and how it can happen and what shall be done to avoid this. An excellent reference source for marine and mechanical engineers.

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