Fix it and sail


Brian Gilbert
 Publisher International Marine/McGraw-Hill
 Date 2006
 Pages 208
 Format pdf
 Size 7.8 Mb

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This clear, easy-to-understand step-by-step instruction book prepared by  the veteran sailor and, later, professional journalist Brian Gilbert guides the readers through the every single phase of the boat restoration process, starting from repairing the boat hull and keels, re-constructing and renewing the cabins and ports, to painting, sealing and wiring. They will learn how to deal with evaluation, repair and replacement of the hardware, canvaswork and upholstery. The appendices provided at the end of the publication and supplemented with so vivid and informative illustrations, will make you understand the tasks as well as the costs and labour involves in the boat restoration projects. Everyone will enjoy this book since it provides you with so necessary and important confidence to restore the boats you can afford to own and to sail. It gives so many practical and helpful instructions the people need in order to properly restore their boats. Moreover, it contains pictures detailing each of the steps of the boat refurbishing process, including guidance on proper selection and use of the tools. Note that the book was written for regular people without lots of cash but with some skills.

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