Focus On Advanced English C.A.E. Grammar Practice

Author(s)                 Richard Walton
Publisher Longman
Date 1999
Pages 112
Format pdf
Size 1.8 Mb

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   This book is the compendium of the most useful tips aiming to help all learners of English with the common grammatical problems. One of the best features of the present publication is the approach used by the authors when sorting the grammatical rules. The book opens with the chapter titled "Use your head" dedicated to the dictionary skills - abbreviations and parts of speech plus tenses and dependent prepositions, phrasal verbs, word formation, error correction and word check, prefixes etc. The second chapter - "Severe weather" - address metaphors and idioms, collocations and prepositions, writing formal letters, contrast links. Then, the other chapters deal with such aspects of grammar as register and style, cause and effect, relative clauses, comparatives and superlatives, emphasizes, degrees of comparison, cohesive devices, modal verbs, linking and logical devices, reported speech, discourse cloze, compound adjectives with character, lexical cloze, punctuation, expressing the future, quantifiers, structural cloze, word building and so many others. In short, the information provided in this book is very useful and practical, making this book so popular.


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