Give Me a Fast Ship - The Continental Navy and Americas Revolution at Sea

Author(s)                 Tim McGrath
Publisher NAL
Date 2014
Pages 560
Format epub
Size 15.7 Mb

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   The publication offers its readers a thoroughly researched and rendered account of the very first incarnation of the US Navy fleet. In telling us this sprawling and really fascinating story, the author of the volume, Tim McGrath, does not lose a due sight of the human dimension of the subject. The author has also mined the archival sources mainly neglected in most of the previously told stories. And, his application of such approach has eventually resulted in a very interesting and readable history of the integral aspect of the subject campaign for the US independence. The content of the book has one far beyond the usual "spotlight" treatment of major historical events and offers the readers a series of mini-stories illuminating all important aspects of the colonial America's desperate and difficult struggle at sea. The interested readers all around the planet have already found this book as a very well-written and nicely illustrated; the publication also contains the extensive footnotes and an index, together with the bibliography proposed for the further reading. The informative and even entertaining volume telling us a story about the dedicated historical heroes who did risk their lives trying to overcome all the obstacles that were posed by the ruthlessly efficient British Navy fleet as well as American politicians. All people interested in naval history will enjoy this title.

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