Graphic Science - Engineering Drawing, Descriptive Geometry, Graphical Solutions

Author(s)                  Thomas Ewing French, Charles J. Vierck
Publisher McGraw-Hill
Date 1958
Pages 758
Format pdf
Size 111 Mb

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   From the very early times of hieroglyphic writing and up to the modern graphics, people have always understood the need to represent their thoughts and discoveries as well as the inventions in order to keep the other people informed. As the human civilization is becoming increasingly complex, its graphic representation which is paralleling both science and engineering is also becoming more complex. Graphics is definitely a lifeline for the engineers since is connects their thoughts, inventions and researches with the actualities coming as a result. In order to keep in line with all advances in engineering and sciences, graphics has always been and is still being refined in different ways. In the past, it emphasized the drawings as a communication language. The present textbook is going to promote the traditional conception. The text of the publication has been arranged in three major portions. The first portion deals with the engineering drawing together with the projection basics and communication, while the second portion addresses the descriptive geometry and solution of the various space problems. In turn, the third and last portion of the book covers the graphical solutions as well as the solutions of math problems presenting the particular interest to the practicing engineers.

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