Guidance Notes for Fire Loadings and Protection

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Date 2014
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   Introduction; Abbreviations and terminology; Design conditions and safety systems influencing the fire behaviour; Fire protection principles in design; Establishment of design loads; Fire mitigation measures; Fire response; References. These LR Rules require a FE, i.e. Fire and Explosion Evaluation, report to be submitted. This report is primarily aimed to serve as the assessment of the potential blast pressures and fire loadings, on the bases of the specific fire hazards that are associated with the unit's general arrangement as well as production and process activities taking place; the operational constraints are also to be taken into account. The present Guidelines should to be treated independently of the formal Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRA); however, the input on ignition probabilities and leak scenarios usually taken from the QRA, are required. Significant portion of the Guidelines has been dedicated to the basic principles of fire protection, measures for fire mitigation and fire response, that make one of the parts of the FEE and closely relate to any potential fire loadings. The Notes are intended to serve as a live document that may be changed without prior notice.

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